********************* for digital 歌目 *********************

・M000000....Konjyaku Mojikyo-code

・A  → B A.unified to B.
・A  ← B B.unified to A.
・(* the terms of each unification.)
 ------------ ...group of the letters.
(cases especially needs some comments.)

from to

壻 婿
芸 芸
予 予
余 余
欸 款
爲 為
茘 荔
鋭 銳
税 稅
錬 鍊
渉 涉
櫉 櫥
橱 櫥
垛 垜
鈎 鉤
鏁 鎖
鞾 靴
掲 揭
渇 渴
卻 却
黄 黃
黒 黑
緑 綠
縁 緣
禄 祿
狸 貍
猪 豬
猫 貓
歴 歷
暦 曆
吃 喫
唖 啞
俞 兪
戸 戶
鎮 鎭
缽 鉢
鐮 鎌
録 錄
涙 淚
戻 戾
豋 登
焔 焰
拏 拿
曽 曾
賎 賤
徳 德
横 橫
囘 回
脱 脫
説 說
熙 煕
凉 涼
祷 禱
剣 劍
劔 劍
劒 劍
釼 劍
剥 剝
勧 勸
産 產
彦 彥
宝 寶
寳 寶
畳 疊
疉 疊
礙 碍
殻 殼
蝨 虱
蠍 蝎
攅 攢
駄 馱
験 驗
屡 屢
躯 軀
荊 荆
韮 韭
状 狀
妝 粧
蒋 蔣
醤 醬
麺 麵
麪 麵
麪 麵
鷄 雞
牀 床
台 臺
塲 場
墻 牆
悪 惡
抬 擡
歓 歡
犁 犂
杆 桿
栢 柏
煮 煮
甎 磚
益 益
盃 杯
竝 並
竪 豎
粮 糧
纒 纏
群 羣
翦 剪
荳 豆
葯 藥
葢 蓋
蝿 蠅
鉄 鐵
鐡 鐵
閙 鬧
隣 鄰
雑 雜
襍 雜
竃 竈
壷 壺
溌 潑
湿 濕
潅 灌
綵 彩
裡 裏
蝋 蠟
鴎 鷗
謡 謠
鵞 鵝
污 汚
嚢 囊
嘘 噓
巣 巢
兎 兔
頼 賴
繋 繫
姫 姬
頽 頹
蝉 蟬
毎 每
虚 虛
呉 吳
痩 瘦
郷 鄉
絶 絕
歳 歲
漑 溉
閲 閱
繍 繡
綉 繡
晩 晚
値 值
莱 萊
撃 擊
麹 麴
倶 俱
歩 步
呑 吞
徴 徵
抛 拋
俞 兪
榆 楡
頚 頸
娯 娛
丟 丢
朵 朶
査 查
啓 啟
舉 擧
挙 擧
粤 粵
侠 俠
鱉 鼈
灶 竈
辺 邊
蔥 葱
偷 偸
欠 欠
岳 岳
吳甲 呉甲
吳乙 呉乙
吳丙 呉丙
鰕 蝦

覩 睹
卮 巵
栀 梔
天臺 天台

JIS to big5 code(manual) *手動で置換せざるをえないもの。

禀 &C3-433D; (JIS06741) M024742 禀
凭 &C3-2759; (JIS04963) 凭
曁 &C3-5123;(JIS05890) M014165(曁) →M050907(暨)
恠 &C3-2C5F; M017504(恠)
韈 &C3-6128; M043079(韈) →wa4
裏 &C3-444E; →li3
莅 &C3-385D;
邨 &C3-2739; →村
偐 &C3-3444; →&M055126;(偐)
綉・繍 &C3-4369; →&C0-C2B8;(繡  xiu4)
謌→&C3-564A; 謌
甎→&C3-516E; 甎
叶→&C3-222D; 叶
鼈→&C0-C5BE; 魚偏のにする。
藁→&C3-586F; 藁
笋→&C3-332B; 笋
鉢→&C3-4533; 鉢 ★ &C0-B2DA; &M28136;?
癧→&C3-5E3F; 癧

** sometimes contained together **

** 顛 顚
** 餧 喂 餵
** 遊 游
** 箇 個
** 个 個
** 烟 煙
** 岳 嶽
** [將/衣] 漿
** [衣|答] 褡

★[C6-3D2B →C0-B9B6
[zhuan4 M000834(――) →M001083
[lun2 M001481 →侖


** unified under some situation **

 C3-5839 M023758 矁
 [目|丑] M057234 ――
 C0-D45A M000871 偢
** the expression of "glared at" was sometimes represented by those letters. above two expressions were pronounced as chou3, but the last one was used as a temporary expression,and the letter was originally pronounced as qiu1. I will unified them at these case to &M023555;.

 C0-BD44 M022437 瘩
 [病/答] M075296 ―― →M022437
** if in the meanning of "bump(ge-ta or ge-da)",unified to &M022437;. in old collection, &M022032;&M022437;(ge-da) was mentioned by various expression. &M022032;疸, &M024043;[石|荅]..etc. in the『歌謡週刊』and some old collections, instead of "&M022437;", sometimes used "&M075296;"(da).


 闘・鬥 (* if they used as the verb(fight).) →鬪
 斗 (* if it used as the verb(fight).) →鬪
 C3-612E M059407 鬬 →鬪
 C3-4A75 M045636 鬦 →鬪
 C4-6D37 M045657 鬭 →鬪
** 斗 will not be unified if it means as a measure(dou3). And if it used as the phonetic, pronounced as dou4, they will be unified to "鬥".

 C3-5070 M012780 擀
 捍 →M012780
 扞 →M012780
** in some collection, 捍(han4) or 扞(han4) were seen instead of M012780 to mean as "rolling dough". they would be temporary expression of the above character(&M012780;), and would be pronounced as gan3. so I unified them to &M012780;, if they appeared those meannings and related for rolling or making dough or noodles.
ge1 ge2
 C0-CB76 M029254 肑
** if it used in the expressions which meant of "arms" as "肑膊(gebu)".they will be unified to &M029434;.

 C0-F0D9 M034581 襉
 [衣|間] M059927 襇
** unified to &M059927;, for I think &M034581; would be errored to pronounce as "xian".

 C0-B4CA M014983 棵
 科(JIS01842) M024950 科
** If it was used as a quantify for the plants. unified to &M014983;. sometimes seen in the Southern collections.

 C3-282D M005648 壳
 [士/冖/几] M051023 壳
** except phonetic using, if it said as the meanning of "shells". they were unified by 殼.

 C0-D071 M030779 苕 (*in the meanning of blooms) →M025931
 C0-D6D1 M025931 笤
 箒・菷 →帚
** in some collection brooms(tiao2 zhou) were written by &M030779; or &M025931;, and 帚,菷 or 箒. I will unify them to "&M025931;帚" for the sake of searching.

 啣 M003876 啣 JIS-05118
 銜 M040390 銜 JIS-07882
** If it used as verb as meanning of "hold in one's mouth". unified to 啣. for 銜 also have meanning of a bit for the hourse.

ya2 ai2
 C3-2767 M002930 厓
** in Cantonise "I" pronounced as "ya" , and sometimes expressed by 崖 or &M002930;. if they're used to express as the first person, I unified them to &M002930;.

yao me
 C0-A45C M000121 么
 C3-4B22 M047893 麽
 麼(C0-BBF2 M047892 麼) →M047893(麽)
** in present time,it used as a simplised character of &M047893; or &M047892;(me). but in southern dialect it also used as a character pointed to a child,pronounced as "yao". I unified if they were used as an interrogative word to &M047893;. and &M000121; was only used for a child.

zhi1 zhi3
 祇 zhi3 qi2
** in present expression, 只 is pronounced as zhi1 and zhi3, used to quantity character(zhi1) and the meant as "only"(zhi3). And the use of the last case was somtimes written by 祇 in old collection. I will unify if it use as quantity is 隻, and as definitive expression is 只.

zhe zhuo2 zhao2 zhao1
 著 zhe zhuo2(put on clothes) →着

** in earlier collection, sometimes 著 appeared as the same meanning of 着(zhe--auxiliary character).

zi ze
 子 (if it used as an auxiliary verb.)

** in southern collection sometimes seen 子 or 哉 used as an auxiliary verb as 了. if 子 appeared as those meanning, I changed it to 仔 for easily searching. [* same way to expression had already seen in『童謡大観』(1922).]

peng4 pan2
 ** sometimes 踫(足|並) were seen consisting with 碰(石|並) and 掽(手|並). currently, there is a tendency for (石|並) were used in Northern provinces and 踫(足|並) were South.
And &M037671;(並/足) were also seen consisting with 踫(足|並). &M037671;(並/足) were noted as follows.
&M037671;(並/足)  爿(pan2)。龜鼈蟲豸之行,又小兒覆。(『越諺』)
&M037671;  辦(ban4)平聲。(『滬諺外編』)
So,I think in Southern provinces this word pronouncied as ban or pan. And (足|並) and (並/足) can unified. but even now I have not sure these words were completely "same". so I will leave them together and unified only their letter characters to some category.

C0-BDED M059950 踫 (足|並)
C0-BDED M037672 踫 →M059950 (足|並)
C5-5154 M037671 ―― (並/足)
[並/足] M086900 ―― →M037671(--)
C0-B849 M024360 碰 →M057205 (石|並)
C0-B849 M057205 碰 (石|並)
C0-D56B M012312 掽 (手|並)

** 床(* if it means as bed.) 牀
** 棹・卓(* if it means as table.) M014766(桌)
** 鹵(* if it means for foods.) 滷
** [火|咼]M019251(煱)(* if it means as pot.) 鍋
** 鋪(* if it means as shop.pu4) 舗
** C0-F179 M042934 鞬(* if meant as 毽子) →M016909(毽)
** C0-A5B7 M011779 扑 (* if it simplified form.) →撲
** C0-E7D1 M035105 觭 (* if it means a horn pipe.) →M020054(犄)
** C3-5C25 M047022 鵶 (* if it means as the crow.) →鴉
** C0-CF40 M014631 柜 (* if it pronounced gui4 as means as 櫃箱.) →櫃
** C3-2B61 M003627 响 (* if it not used as the phonetic.) →響
** C3-233A M003306 吓 (* if it used as a verb(frighten).) →嚇
** C0-ECCE M006824 嬭 (* if not in the especially case.) →M006043(奶)
** C0-B6A2 M077620 閒 (* if not used for distance.) →閑
** C0-E9CA M015472 樨 (* if it meant as the flowers of Osmanthus.) →犀
** C3-2535 M051255 坟 (* if it meant as a grave.) →墳
** C3-253C M004915 坆 (* if it meant as a grave.) →墳
** C4-5D76 M037818 ―― (* if it not at the special case.) →M037817(蹡)
** C4-377C M013569 ―― (* if it not at the special case.)→斫(JIS-05849)
** 扎・&M027324; →紮(*if it means as embroidered(zha1).)
** C0-DE73 M067279 ――(* if it means boiling.) →M019260(煲)
** [人|舎] M059076 倽(* if it used as query character.) →M003881(啦)
** C0-F6BD M047186 鶵(* if not specially case) →雛(JIS-03187)

not found in Kanjibase-code

[亠/兇] M070729 ―― →凶
[イ|臾/退] M001320 ――
[イ|舎] M059076 倽
[イ|鞋] M075060 ――
[イ|人] M068066 ――
[イ|頼] M086877 ――
[入/示] M070329 ――
[C3-2A5F|刀] M030940 荆
[奄|刀] M050004 剦
[宣|刀] M002105 ――
[當|刀] M059143 劏
[先|刀] M070864 ――
[匚/扁] M053627 匾

[口|宿] M065073 ――
[口|篤] M063604 ――
[口|哀] M053251 ――
[口|王] M003411 ――
[口|穴] M060149 ――
[口|也] M003315 吔
[口|果] M060553 ――
[口|泊] M075454 ――
[口|昴] M067459 ――
[口|知] M067487 ――
[口|哥] M079466 ――
[口|堂] M059253 嘡
[口|崩] M053263 嘣
[口|留] M066116 ――
[口|罕] M086896 ――
[口|咨] M072467 ――
[口|得] M004229 嘚
[口|懇] M061006 ――
[口|落] M067153 ――
[口|野] M059254 嘢
[口|歇] M004373 ――
[口|温] M075472 ――
[口|根] M075473 ――
[口|蒂] M086889 ――
[口|&M079850;] M003425 呝
[口|&M005714;] M003864 ――
[口|&M000144;] M075467 ――
[口|&M000177;] M086876 ――
[口|&M030668;] M067165 ――
[土|交] M086882 ――
[土|阿] M075448 ――
[土|堂] M086908 ――
[土|當] M059345 壋
[土|頓] M086909 ――
[土|曹] M084280 ――
[土|難] M080325 ――
[女|牙] ―― ―― →伢
[女|只] M086888 ――
[女|庄] M083507 ―― →粧
[女|麻] M059463 嫲
[广/称/女] M086903 ――
[女|&M007477;] M006162 ――
[女|&M017524;] M086913 ――
[子|匍] M086891 ――
[子|&M057016;] M086890 ――
[冖/山] M059122 冚
[夭/山] M053608 岙
[巾|尼] M086907 ――

[心|&M059029;] M085207  ―― →忙
[心|旬/兮] M011027 ――
[手|充] M012026 ――
[手|卯] M011937 ――
[手|要] M080538 ――
[手|馬] M061037 ――
[手|勒] M086894 ――
[手|華] M059641 撶
[手|拿] M086883 ――
[手|磨] M063619 ――
[手|&M028200;] M011976 ――
[手|&M072194;] M086874 ――
[手|&M072196;] M086875 ――
[&M003483;|攴] M013277 敨 →M059652(敨)
[木|穿] M075427 ――
[木|穹] M075301 ――
[木|&M000071;] M086910 ――
[木|&M030108;] M075426 ――
[母/也] M059016 乸
[母/子] M075444 ――
[水|防] M067297 ――
[水|言|水] M035663 ――
[火|朋] M019126 焩
[火|査] M075478 ――
[杳/火] M075485 ――
[火/土|奉] M019351 ――
[火|&M030184;] M059756 熖
[火|鼎] M075438 ――
[崩/火] M086895 ――
[火|&M009918;] M060845 ――
[爪/爪|爪] M019689 ――
[牙|亞] M075459 ――
[牙|干] M075461 ――
[玉|敦] M083775 ――

[畏|瓦] M075424 ――
[目|串] M075452 ――
[目/折] M083809 ――
[目|羅] M067739 ――
[目/〓] M023144 ――
[网/方] M072992 ――
[田|盧] M075406 ――
[病/立] M086887 ――
[病/地] M075458 ――
[病/黎] M086905 ―― →痢
[病/自/龠] M075405 ―― →M022588(癟)
[病/&M051017;] M052866 瘾 →M022631(癮)
[病/&M055853;] M057288 癮 →M022631(癮)
[病/&M08702;] M086886 ――
[石|&M051023;] M075447 ――
[石|&M042120;] M024603 礶
[竹/卞] M025868 笇
[竹/条] M059835 筿
[竹/鬲] M075423 ――
[竹/&M053627;] M086906 ――
[米|時] M027084 ――
[米|麻] M086897 ――
[米|慈] M086904 ―― →M027056(糍)
[米|齊] M075439 ――
[米|&M057528;] M075474 ――
[糸|系] M075477 ――
[糸|恣] M086898 ――
[糸|荅] M083856 ――
[糸|&M001375;] →統
[彭/耳] M086873 ――
[月|庄] M051982 脏
[月|定] M057120 腚
[月|勞] M059665 朥
[艸/卜] M066947 ――
[艸/吉] M083884 ――
[虍/各] M086885 ――
[虫|來] M061410 ――
[虫|卦] M065684 ――
[虫|非] M073098 ――
[虫|答] M075457 ――
[虫|美] M075407 ――
[虫|覇] M086902 ――
[虫|羅] M065691 ――
[衣|切] M075456 ――
[衣|弟] M086911 ――
[衣|散] M075464 ――
[衣|帶] M061844 ――
[足|充] M083945 䟲
[足|朶] M037499 跥
[足|拜] M067432 ――
[足|曷] M086096 ――
[足|爲] M037850 ――
[身|長] M059953 躼
[身|朋] M086879 ――
[車|穀] M075403 ――

[金|欣] M057259 鍁
[金|茶] M075318 ――
[金|邦] M083985 ――
[金|忝] M086881 ――
[戸/雨] M086892 ――
[雨/&M017085;|免] M086899 ――

[革|剌] M086893 ――
[刀/又|頁] M068913 ―― wei4
[口/又|頁] M076492 ―― wu1
[籥|頁] M068921 ―― →M026831(籲)
[孛|頁] M084377 ―― →M029497(脖)
[食|各] M057682 餎
[食|各] M053199 餎 →M057682(餎)
[食|茲] M067184 ―― →M027056(糍)
[食|蔗] M086912 ――
[骨|乞] M045116 ――
[髟/兀] M045361 髡
[髟/纂] M075496 ――
[魚|官] M081538 ――
[魚|代] M059256 鮘
[代/魚] M086871 ―― →M059256(鮘)
[魚|郎] M046365 ――
[魚|罔] M065999 ――
[魚|産] M086872 ――
[魚|邊] M075455 ――
[魚|&M002873;] M058230 鯽
[魚|蔡] M086884 ――

[自|己] M086878 ――
[沓|&M014099;] M085650 ――
[兀|王] M066170 ――
[番|去] M021948 ――
[舌|攵] M030285 敌
[坐|瓜] M075462 ――
[面|發] M075500 ――
[/bin](*unpossible to analyze) M086869 ――
[/bing](*unpossible to analyze) M086870 ――
** compounding letters
[不/圓] M004853 ――
[不/要] M059458 嫑
[曾|勿] M014317 朆
[勿|曾] M074957 ―― →M014317(朆)
[會|勿] M075243 ――
[勿|要] M086868 ―― →M034780(覅)
[只/有] M086880 ――



..KB(CEF) ..MK ..UTF
C0-A44E M001846 刁
C0-A458 M000071 丫
C0-A46E M053010 孓
C0-A4A5 M000076 丰
C0-A4B1 M000351 仃
C0-A4C3 M002496 勻 →M002497(匀)
C0-A4F0 M057192 毋 →毋(JIS-06157)
C0-A564 M002781 卡
C0-A570 M003270 叼
C0-A574 M003235 另
C0-A57B M003269 叻
C0-A5A4 M006043 奶
C0-A5B5 M011782 扔
C0-A5B6 M011780 扒
C0-A5C2 M017027 氐
C0-A5CF M021704 甩
C0-A5E2 M000145 乒
C0-A5E3 M000146 乓
C0-A5E9 M000420 仿
C0-A5EB M000457 伙
C0-A5F6 M000404 仳
C0-A5F7 M000418 份
C0-A645 M001893 划
C0-A647 M001900 刖
C0-A65B M003283 吆
C0-A65C M003302 吒
C0-A65F M004688 囝
C0-A665 M004889 圯
C0-A666 M004882 圩
C0-A66F M006046 她
C0-A6BE M017132 汙
C0-A6C4 M017135 汛
C0-A6FB M000510 佔
C0-A6FE M000539 佣
C0-A741 M000471 你
C0-A747 M000497 佈
C0-A753 M001929 刨
C0-A761 M003341 吧
C0-A763 M003387 呃
C0-A76E M003368 吵
C0-A773 M003362 吱
C0-A779 M004704 囤
C0-A77A M004711 囫
C0-A77E M004927 坍
C0-A7A3 M004906 圾
C0-A7AA M006082 妒 →妬(JIS-03742)
C0-A7AC M006098 妞
C0-A7B1 M006105 妤
C0-A7BC M007560 尬
C0-A7CD M009972 彤
C0-A7E1 M011826 扭
C0-A7E6 M011837 扳
C0-A7E8 M011833 扯
C0-A849 M017190 沉
C0-A84A M017186 沅
C0-A851 M017153 汩 →汨(JIS-06181)
C0-A858 M017165 汴
C0-A85A M017168 汶
C0-A85C M017207 沔
C0-A85F M018869 灶 →竈
C0-A865 M019931 牠
C0-A86D M022685 皂
C0-A8B7 M039301 邢
C0-A8C0 M041574 阱
C0-A8D0 M000548 佬
C0-A8DE M000568 佺
C0-A8E1 M001369 兕
C0-A8F9 M002862 卹
C0-A940 M003523 咖
C0-A941 M003462 呸
C0-A942 M003522 咕
C0-A94E M053230 咚
C0-A94F M003430 呢
C0-A955 M005029 垃
C0-A956 M004994 坷
C0-A95C M005006 坼
C0-A967 M006123 妮
C0-A96E M006164 姊
C0-A96F M006125 妯
C0-A970 M006130 妳
C0-A971 M006177 姒
C0-A9A9 M008851 帘 →簾
C0-A9AC M008848 帕
C0-A9C3 M010445 怔
C0-A9C5 M010498 怵
C0-A9D6 M011940 拄
C0-A9D7 M011932 抿
C0-A9E9 M011966 拚
C0-A9EC M011961 拖
C0-A9F0 M011953 拎
C0-A9FD M013817 昕
C0-AA5B M016275 歧
C0-AA5B M016275 歧
C0-AA7D M017293 泖
C0-AA7E M017306 泠
C0-AAA1 M018918 炕
C0-AAA8 M019723 爸
C0-AAB3 M020860 玟
C0-AAB4 M020874 玫
C0-AAB8 M022032 疙
C0-AAD2 M029303 肫
C0-AAE7 M030733 芰
C0-AAE8 M030748 芾
C0-AAE9 M030740 芷
C0-AB4C M000706 俠 ←侠
C0-AB4E M000680 俏
C0-AB5E M001375 兗
C0-AB75 M003628 哎
C0-AB78 M003535 咦
C0-AB7D M003541 咪
C0-ABA5 M003552 咱
C0-ABA6 M003570 咻
C0-ABA7 M003540 咩
C0-ABA8 M003536 咧
C0-ABA9 M003579 咿
C0-ABB9 M006199 姘
C0-ABBB M006214 姣
C0-ABD0 M008038 峒
C0-ABD9 M009611 弈
C0-ABE2 M010094 徉
C0-ABF5 M012070 挖
C0-ABF7 M012012 拼
C0-ABFB M012013 拽
C0-AC43 M012000 拴
C0-AC64 M057016 查
C0-AC6A M014628 柙
C0-AC73 M016752 毗
C0-AC7C M017412 洱
C0-ACA6 M017343 泵
C0-ACA7 M017421 洹
C0-ACA8 M017398 洧
C0-ACAB M017408 洮
C0-ACAD M017369 洎
C0-ACAF M018948 炫
C0-ACBA M019981 牯
C0-ACC7 M021713 甭 [不/用]
C0-ACCD M022051 疤
C0-ACD8 M022958 盅
C0-ACDA M023158 盹
C0-ACDF M023167 盼
C0-ACE5 M024063 砍
C0-ACF3 M026852 籽
C0-ACF7 M027248 紉
C0-ACF8 M027246 紇
C0-AD41 M028875 耍
C0-AD5F M030832 茁
C0-AD6B M032833 虺
C0-AD6F M035008 觔
C0-AD77 M037375 趴
C0-ADA3 M038785 迤
C0-ADA4 M038791 迨
C0-ADA8 M039377 郃
C0-ADBE M000759 倌
C0-ADCE M000742 倀
C0-ADD5 M000774 倘
C0-ADE6 M002044 剜
C0-ADED M002961 厝
C0-ADF1 M003690 唁
C0-ADF2 M003772 唷
C0-ADF3 M003679 哼
C0-ADFC M003701 唉
C0-ADFE M003651 哪 ←M057731
C0-AE41 M054517 唧 →喞(JIS-05136)
C0-AE47 M005106 埂
C0-AE58 M006329 娣
C0-AE5B M006287 娌
C0-AE73 M008106 峴
C0-AEB4 M012148 捎
C0-AEB9 M012131 捆
C0-AEBF M012084 挪
C0-AEC5 M013191 敉
C0-AEC5 M013191 敉 [米|攵]
C0-AECE M013903 晌
C0-AEE0 M014766 桌
C0-AEE9 M014759 桅
C0-AEF9 M017526 涇
C0-AF4B M017542 涔
C0-AF4C M018990 烊
C0-AF4D M019012 烘
C0-AF4E M019034 烤
C0-AF52 M019727 爹
C0-AF73 M022981 盎
C0-AF77 M023253 眨
C0-AF79 M024115 砰
C0-AF7B M024143 砸
C0-AFA2 M024110 砭
C0-AFA4 M024083 砟
C0-AFD8 M029431 胰
C0-AFDA M029426 胭
C0-AFDE M029434 胳
C0-AFE5 M030107 臬
C0-AFE6 M030184 舀 (yao3/wai3)
C0-AFEF M030866 荔
C0-AFFE M030934 荃
C0-B048 M032882 蚜
C0-B053 M035241 訕
C0-B06F M039277 邕
C0-B071 M039430 郝
C0-B07E M041663 陡
C0-B0A4 M041650 陘
C0-B0AF M000923 偺 →M003552(咱)
C0-B0B4 M000840 偌
C0-B0B9 M000843 偎
C0-B0D0 M002689 匾 →M053627(匾)
C0-B0D4 M053240 啪
C0-B0D5 M003882 啦
C0-B0D8 M057790 啡
C0-B0D9 M003798 啃
C0-B0DA M003808 啊
C0-B0DE M003823 啕
C0-B0E4 M003756 唬
C0-B0E7 M003790 啁
C0-B0F1 M005167 埤
C0-B0F7 M005777 夠 →M005778(够)
C0-B153 M008146 崆
C0-B168 M009398 庾
C0-B175 M010149 徜
C0-B17A M010712 您
C0-B17B M010771 惋
C0-B17D M010847 惦
C0-B1A7 M010803 惕
C0-B1BA M012207 捱
C0-B1C1 M012238 掄
C0-B1C3 M012265 掙
C0-B1F5 M014831 梆
C0-B264 M017616 淄
C0-B265 M017575 涪
C0-B267 M017609 涿
C0-B274 M020483 猓
C0-B278 M021018 琊
C0-B2AF M022992 盔
C0-B2B3 M023321 眾
C0-B2B5 M023310 眶
C0-B2B9 M024147 硃
C0-B2BA M024175 硎
C0-B2D1 M027364 紼
C0-B2D2 M027370 絀
C0-B2DA M028136 缽
C0-B2DE M028663 翎
C0-B2E4 M029497 脖
C0-B2E8 M029544 脰
C0-B2F1 M031056 莘
C0-B2F2 M031001 荸
C0-B340 M031029 莆
C0-B341 M031074 莧
C0-B341 M056205 莧 →M031074(莧)
C0-B345 M032947 蛀
C0-B348 M032924 蚵
C0-B34B M032919 蚱
C0-B361 M036253 豉
C0-B37D M038893 逛
C0-B37D M053395 逛 →M038893(逛)
C0-B3B8 M042212 雩
C0-B3C3 M000992 傢
C0-B3D4 M002402 勛
C0-B3DE M003900 喂
C0-B3E1 M003940 喔
C0-B3E5 M053245 喳
C0-B3E9 M004021 喲
C0-B3FB M005253 堠
C0-B440 M006457 婷
C0-B452 M008273 嵇
C0-B467 M010949 愜
C0-B468 M010980 愣
C0-B47E M012337 揍
C0-B4AA M012384 揪
C0-B4AE M012444 揹
C0-B4BD M013984 晾
C0-B4BE M014005 晷
C0-B4CA M014983 棵
C0-B4E6 M017833 湔
C0-B544 M017809 湄
C0-B551 M020054 犄
C0-B560 M021049 琛
C0-B561 M021062 琦
C0-B562 M021065 琨
C0-B56D M022211 痠
C0-B574 M023411 睏
C0-B57C M055056 稅
C0-B5CB M029616 腌
C0-B5D2 M031235 菸
C0-B5DC M031262 萊 →莱
C0-B5E8 M031170 菔
C0-B5F1 M032985 蛐
C0-B647 M035384 詖
C0-B65D M037461 跑
C0-B6AC M041740 隄
C0-B6B4 M043109 韌
C0-B6B8 M044038 飧
C0-B6B9 M044049 飪
C0-B6D0 M002143 剷
C0-B6D9 M004137 嗨
C0-B6DA M004070 嗓
C0-B6DB M004135 嗦
C0-B6DC M004065 嗎
C0-B6DF M004068 嗑
C0-B6E4 M004106 嗡 ←M053533
C0-B6E6 M004051 嗆
C0-B6E7 M004133 嗥
C0-B6E8 M004057 嗉
C0-B6F2 M005322 塌
C0-B740 M006573 媳
C0-B74B M010200 徬
C0-B75F M011015 愷
C0-B761 M011617 戢
C0-B764 M012489 搞
C0-B765 M012505 搪
C0-B767 M012552 搽
C0-B7A9 M015163 楨
C0-B7B0 M015155 楣
C0-B7B1 M015144 楛
C0-B7B7 M016909 毽
C0-B7BF M018010 滇
C0-B7C3 M017992 溼 →濕
C0-B7C5 M017968 溫
C0-B7CC M017960 溧
C0-B7D4 M019207 煜
C0-B7D9 M019210 煞
C0-B7DB M019228 煨
C0-B842 M023470 睬
C0-B843 M023439 睜
C0-B85E M025556 窠
C0-B85F M026100 筷
C0-B861 M026032 筠
C0-B869 M027506 綑
C0-B86A M027483 綁
C0-B87D M029712 腳 →脚(JIS-02151)
C0-B8BB M033121 蜓
C0-B8BD M033096 蜇
C0-B8CD M034285 裊
C0-B8CF M034299 裒
C0-B8E4 M035344 訾
C0-B8F0 M036746 賅
C0-B8F6 M057425 跺 →M037499(跥)
C0-B8F8 M037498 跤
C0-B959 M040271 鈸
C0-B976 M042734 靶
C0-B97A M043357 頊
C0-B9A4 M044589 馱
C0-B9A8 M047589 麂
C0-B9B5 M001154 僱
C0-B9B9 M001797 凳
C0-B9BF M004164 嘀
C0-B9C6 M004183 嘍
C0-B9C7 M004184 嘎
C0-B9CA M053254 嘟
C0-B9CB M004175 嘈
C0-B9CC M004194 嘐
C0-B9D4 M005420 墊
C0-B9D7 M005401 塽
C0-B9DB M005805 夤
C0-B9F0 M007787 屢
C0-BA4A M012678 撇
C0-BA4C M012577 摔
C0-BA4F M012595 摟
C0-BA51 M012572 摑
C0-BA54 M012624 摭
C0-BA5B M050907 暨 →曁(JIS-05890)
C0-BA5E M015259 榨
C0-BA6B M015272 榭
C0-BA6D M015257 榦
C0-BA72 M017075 氳
C0-BA73 M018174 漳
C0-BAAB M018319 澈
C0-BAAC M018164 漪
C0-BAB7 M019304 熒
C0-BABC M020643 獐
C0-BAD0 M024316 碟
C0-BB43 M028727 翟
C0-BB51 M030312 舔
C0-BB59 M031565 蒞
C0-BB5E M031635 蓀
C0-BB5F M031663 蓓
C0-BB67 M033152 蜢
C0-BB75 M034457 褚
C0-BBAD M049736 賒
C0-BBB0 M037149 趕
C0-BBBD M039050 遢
C0-BBBE M039044 遝
C0-BBC2 M039607 鄞
C0-BBC7 M040346 鉸
C0-BBD2 M041289 閡
C0-BBD4 M041315 閩
C0-BBDC M042026 雒
C0-BBEA M045124 骯
C0-BBFB M001189 儈
C0-BBFD M001180 儅
C0-BC45 M002458 勰
C0-BC46 M003041 厲
C0-BC47 M004242 嘮
C0-BC48 M004276 嘻
C0-BC49 M004270 嘹
C0-BC4B M004283 嘿
C0-BC50 M004346 噗
C0-BC54 M004247 嘰
C0-BC55 M005404 墀
C0-BC5B M005470 墩
C0-BC5C M005467 墦
C0-BC5D M006002 奭
C0-BCA1 M011158 慼
C0-BCB1 M012645 摹
C0-BCB1 M012645 摹
C0-BCB5 M012693 撐
C0-BCC0 M012746 撬
C0-BCC2 M053164 撢
C0-BCCE M015398 樁
C0-BCD5 M015378 槳
C0-BCD9 M015427 樑 →梁
C0-BCD9 M015427 樑 →梁
C0-BCE2 M018225 潑 ←溌(JIS-094AC)
C0-BCF8 M019890 牖
C0-BD4E M023556 瞇
C0-BD4F M023570 瞌
C0-BD57 M024407 磕
C0-BD69 M026158 箠
C0-BD7B M027698 緹
C0-BDA2 M028952 耦
C0-BDA3 M029831 膛
C0-BDA8 M029825 膘
C0-BDD3 M035636 諉
C0-BDD9 M035596 誶
C0-BDE3 M036843 賬
C0-BDE9 M036819 賡
C0-BDEB M037189 趟
C0-BDF0 M037648 踢
C0-BDF2 M037661 踩
C0-BDF4 M037647 踡
C0-BDF6 M038110 躺 ←M057438
C0-BE48 M039630 鄧
C0-BE49 M039658 鄱
C0-BE4D M039896 醃
C0-BE56 M040429 銼
C0-BE60 M042302 霉
C0-BE66 M043463 頫
C0-BE68 M043825 颳 →刮
C0-BE74 M044677 駙
C0-BE75 M045156 骷
C0-BEAA M001214 儐
C0-BEB2 M004348 噙
C0-BEB4 M004432 噹
C0-BEB5 M004377 噩
C0-BEBA M004368 噥
C0-BEBC M004394 噯
C0-BEBE M004359 噢
C0-BEBF M004421 噶
C0-BEC5 M006787 嬝
C0-BEC6 M006776 嬴
C0-BED7 M012802 擋
C0-BEDB M012787 擄
C0-BEDF M012779 撿
C0-BEE2 M012778 撾
C0-BEFB M016973 氅
C0-BF43 M018390 澧
C0-BF47 M018416 澶
C0-BF48 M018388 澦
C0-BF49 M018378 澠
C0-BF53 M019435 燙
C0-BF56 M019395 燄 →焔
C0-BF58 M021242 璜
C0-BF59 M021253 璣
C0-BF5A M021236 璘
C0-BF61 M022464 瘸
C0-BF62 M022466 瘺
C0-BF67 M023650 瞟
C0-BF74 M026313 篙
C0-BF7C M027069 糕
C0-BFA1 M027750 縑
C0-BFA2 M027733 縈
C0-BFA6 M027775 縝
C0-BFA8 M027747 縐
C0-BFAD M028776 翮
C0-BFB7 M031968 蕙
C0-BFBF M031977 蕞
C0-BFC0 M033363 螃
C0-BFC2 M033428 螞
C0-BFC7 M034523 褲
C0-BFCA M034486 褡
C0-BFDE M036435 豭
C0-BFDF M036595 貓 ←猫
C0-BFE2 M037676 踱
C0-BFE5 M037694 踹
C0-BFEC M038655 辦
C0-BFF3 M039684 鄴
C0-BFF6 M040592 錶
C0-C043 M040542 錕
C0-C051 M042577 靛
C0-C05F M044202 餛
C0-C061 M044199 餚
C0-C07A M004481 嚎
C0-C07C M004494 嚐
C0-C07D M004455 嚅
C0-C0A8 M006809 嬤
C0-C0AA M059486 尷
C0-C0B0 M009125 幫 →M008900(帮)
C0-C0B4 M011320 懂
C0-C0BA M012808 擎
C0-C0BA M056039 擎 →M012808(擎)
C0-C0BE M012883 擰
C0-C0C9 M015665 檔
C0-C0D4 M016590 殮
C0-C0E2 M018517 濩
C0-C0E5 M018533 濰
C0-C0ED M019503 燴
C0-C0FC M023689 瞪
C0-C140 M023680 瞧
C0-C143 M024481 磷
C0-C14E M026416 篾
C0-C150 M026455 簌
C0-C157 M027087 糙
C0-C162 M027854 繅
C0-C164 M027827 縴
C0-C168 M027847 縿
C0-C169 M027816 縯
C0-C16A M028167 罄
C0-C1AD M057336 蟑
C0-C1B4 M033545 蟈
C0-C1C0 M035850 謊
C0-C1C7 M036448 豳
C0-C1CB(KB errored the left part as 貝 instead of 月) M036878 賸
C0-C1CB(KB errored the left part as 貝 instead of 月) M068562 賸 →M036878
C0-C1CF M037750 蹋
C0-C1DD M039698 鄹
C0-C1DF M039974 醞
C0-C1E5 M040602 鍊
C0-C1F0 M041430 闋
C0-C1F2 M041425 闈
C0-C1FD M044294 餵 →M003900(喂)
C0-C1FD M053528 餵 →M003900(喂)
C0-C250 M004502 嚕
C0-C254 M006851 嬸
C0-C25B M012944 攆
C0-C25D M012912 擻
C0-C25E M012900 擷
C0-C269 M015718 檯 →臺
C0-C270 M018591 瀆
C0-C278 M020774 獷
C0-C27B M021311 璿
C0-C2AA M025324 穠
C0-C2B0 M026509 簞
C0-C2B9 M027888 繒
C0-C2BB M028177 罈 ←M053130
C0-C2C1 M029977 臏
C0-C2DB M037840 蹦
C0-C2DF M038137 軀 ←躯
C0-C2E4 M039198 邈
C0-C2E9 M040691 鎊
C0-C2F5 M041446 闐
C0-C2FB M042124 雞
C0-C346 M043600 顓
C0-C347 M043909 颺
C0-C349 M044323 餿
C0-C34F M045470 鬃
C0-C356 M052797 鲫 →M058230(鯽)
C0-C35F M001296 儳
C0-C363 M005599 壢
C0-C365 M048824 龐
C0-C36A M011451 懵
C0-C36C M012967 攏
C0-C36F M057048 櫥
C0-C3A7 M022588 癟
C0-C3AB M024852 禱 ←祷
C0-C3BA M027960 繳
C0-C3D7 M035976 譙
C0-C3DE M037854 蹬
C0-C3DF M037886 蹺
C0-C3E1 M038542 轔
C0-C3E5 M039218 邋
C0-C3E6 M040041 醱
C0-C3E7 M040031 醮
C0-C3EA M040810 鏟
C0-C3ED M040806 鏜
C0-C442 M043921 颼
C0-C447 M045523 鬍
C0-C449 M046255 鯧
C0-C44F M047000 鵪
C0-C456 M004550 嚨
C0-C457 M004600 嚷
C0-C45E M007047 孽
C0-C45E M056022 孽 →M007047(孽)
C0-C464 M012977 攔
C0-C465 M012991 攙
C0-C47B M027175 糰
C0-C4A8 M032477 蘑
C0-C4AE M033748 蠔
C0-C4BB M037931 躉
C0-C4BE M037910 躂
C0-C4C3 M040857 鏽
C0-C4DC M005746 夒
C0-C4DC M005746 夔
C0-C4FA M033786 蠟
C0-C4FC M034701 襬
C0-C549 M040927 鐮 →鎌
C0-C54A M040940 鐳
C0-C54E M040937 鐲
C0-C556 M043682 顥
C0-C567 M048361 鼙
C0-C568 M048619 齜
C0-C56F M004631 囉
C0-C571 M059570 巔
C0-C57A M020803 玀
C0-C57B M021429 瓤
C0-C57D M022631 癮
C0-C5B0 M039753 酈
C0-C5B7 M043047 韁
C0-C5BC M045284 髒
C0-C5BC M045284 髒
C0-C5BE M046472 鱉 →鼈
C0-C5BF M046415 鰱
C0-C5C3 M047268 鷗 ←鴎(JIS-089A8)
C0-C5C7 M048837 龔
C0-C5C8 M004652 囌
C0-C5CE M014266 曬 →晒
C0-C5D0 M021361 瓚
C0-C5D9 M032574 蘸
C0-C5D9 M056390 蘸 →M032574(蘸)
C0-C5D9 M057833 蘸 →M032574(蘸)
C0-C5DD M039260 邐
C0-C5E1 M041024 鑤
C0-C5E4 M044453 饜
C0-C5EB M046499 鱔
C0-C5ED M046501 鱖
C0-C5EE M047308 鷥
C0-C5F2 M005630 壩
C0-C5F4 M018814 灞
C0-C5F5 M022642 癱
C0-C642 M036984 贛
C0-C64D M046528 鱟
C0-C650 M047576 鹼
C0-C659 M026805 籮
C0-C65E M041053 鑲
C0-C661 M044446 饞
C0-C665 M018833 灤
C0-C669 M043089 韉
C0-C66D M036168 讜
C0-C676 M036332 豔
C0-C67E M026831 籲
C0-C941 M000166 乜
C0-C946 M000015 丌
C0-C948 M000251 亍
C0-C94E M053001 冇
C0-C951 M000256 亓
C0-C955 M001567 冘
C0-C957 M002841 卬
C0-C965 M000397 仨
C0-C966 M000377 仜
C0-C967 M059032 仩
C0-C971 M005841 夯
C0-C973 M007058 宄
C0-C97B M010305 忉
C0-C97D M011778 扐
C0-C9A2 M017106 汃
C0-C9A3 M017102 氿
C0-C9AD M059043 伬
C0-C9B0 M000401 仱
C0-C9B7 M053031 伢
C0-C9C2 M002603 匟
C0-C9C6 M004696 囡
C0-C9C7 M004691 囟
C0-C9C8 M004888 圮
C0-C9C9 M004883 圪
C0-C9CD M006051 奼
C0-C9D4 M053215 尕
C0-C9D7 M007891 屺
C0-C9E7 M011814 扦
C0-C9E8 M011806 扢
C0-C9EB M011797 扚
C0-C9ED M057060 旯
C0-C9EE M013748 旮
C0-C9F8 M057068 汆
C0-C9FB M017121 汏
C0-CA43 M020250 犴
C0-CA44 M020251 犵
C0-CA45 M020830 玎
C0-CA48 M025407 穵
C0-CA4D M030646 艽
C0-CA4E M030649 艿
C0-CA4E M030649 艿
C0-CA4E M056109 艿 →M030649(艿)
C0-CA51 M039282 邙
C0-CA52 M039279 邗
C0-CA5B M000484 伻
C0-CA5C M053355 佢
C0-CA5F M053032 佤
C0-CA60 M000487 伾
C0-CA63 M000522 佟
C0-CA65 M000514 佘
C0-CA79 M053222 呔
C0-CA7A M003391 呅
C0-CA7C M003324 吜 ←M059170
C0-CA7D M003338 吥
C0-CAA4 M003343 吨
C0-CAA9 M004705 囥
C0-CAAC M004926 坌
C0-CAB0 M005698 夆
C0-CAB5 M006087 妗
C0-CAB9 M006078 妏
C0-CABF M007558 尪
C0-CAC2 M007921 岈
C0-CAD6 M010319 忒
C0-CAD9 M010372 忭
C0-CADC M010388 忳
C0-CAE8 M011876 抌
C0-CAF2 M011872 抈
C0-CAF4 M011850 扽
C0-CAF8 M013751 旰
C0-CAF9 M013761 旴
C0-CB42 M014457 杌
C0-CB43 M014451 杈
C0-CB4E M017185 沄
C0-CB50 M017199 沏
C0-CB68 M020845 玕
C0-CB71 M022684 皁
C0-CB72 M024629 礽
C0-CB76 M029454 肐
C0-CB7C M030678 芎
C0-CB7D M030681 芑
C0-CBA1 M030669 芊
C0-CBA2 M030662 芃
C0-CBA3 M030663 芄
C0-CBBA M000585 侉
C0-CBBB M000579 侄
C0-CBBE M000601 侗
C0-CBC1 M000566 佹
C0-CBC5 M000606 侜 zhou1
C0-CBC6 M000597 侔
C0-CBC9 M000576 侂
C0-CBCC M000551 佮
C0-CBCE M001633 冼
C0-CBDD M003477 咁
C0-CBDE M003503 咑
C0-CBDF M003478 咂
C0-CBE3 M003474 呾
C0-CBE5 M003447 呬
C0-CBE6 M003457 呴
C0-CBE7 M003437 呦
C0-CBE8 M003492 咍
C0-CBEB M003428 呠
C0-CBEC M059179 咘
C0-CBED M003433 呣
C0-CBEE M003438 呧
C0-CBF0 M004742 囷
C0-CBF2 M004984 坯
C0-CBF4 M004981 坭
C0-CBF7 M004985 坰
C0-CBFA M004990 坵
C0-CBFB M005001 坻
C0-CBFC M004988 坳
C0-CC40 M004974 坨
C0-CC42 M005714 夌
C0-CC59 M007661 屄
C0-CC65 M007968 岢
C0-CC67 M007981 岧
C0-CC6E M008846 帔
C0-CC74 M009918 彔
C0-CC7A M010849 怭
C0-CCA9 M010430 怍
C0-CCB2 M011711 戽
C0-CCB2 M011711 戽 ←M057151
C0-CCB7 M011908 抪
C0-CCC4 M013796 昉
C0-CCD2 M029286 朊
C0-CCD6 M014542 枒
C0-CCDC M014502 杴 →M057259(鍁)
C0-CCF0 M017319 泫
C0-CCF4 M017289 泔
C0-CCF8 M017283 泐
C0-CCFD M017321 泭
C0-CD4B M017242 沰
C0-CD5C M020344 狖
C0-CD65 M020335 狑
C0-CD6B M020861 玠
C0-CD70 M021743 甿
C0-CD71 M021748 畀
C0-CD7D M024043 矻
C0-CDA9 M027226 糽
C0-CDAB M029246 肏
C0-CDB1 M030353 舠
C0-CDBB M030745 芼
C0-CDBE M030737 芴
C0-CDBF M030719 芨
C0-CDC0 M030705 芡
C0-CDC1 M030724 芩
C0-CDC7 M032811 虰
C0-CDC8 M032810 虯
C0-CDCE M038756 迓
C0-CDD4 M039341 邴
C0-CDD6 M039340 邳
C0-CDDE M000668 #x4FC5;
C0-CDE1 M000673 俉
C0-CDE6 M000698 俙
C0-CDF1 M001999 剉
C0-CDFB M003528 咡
C0-CDFC M003544 咭
C0-CDFE M003629 哏
C0-CE42 M003559 咷
C0-CE46 M003589 哅
C0-CE47 M003590 哆
C0-CE55 M005043 垗
C0-CE57 M005048 垛 →M005049(垜)
C0-CE5D M005047 垚
C0-CE5E M005059 垕
C0-CE64 M006232 姮
C0-CE65 M006258 娀
C0-CE67 M006206 姝
C0-CE7E M008055 峛
C0-CEAF M008758 巹
C0-CEB0 M008879 帡
C0-CEBB M009610 弇
C0-CEC5 M010557 恓
C0-CECF M010564 恘
C0-CED1 M010600 恮
C0-CED3 M011728 扃
C0-CED8 M012051 挎
C0-CEDC M012052 挏
C0-CEE0 M012018 挀
C0-CEE1 M012060 挓
C0-CEF4 M013836 昺
C0-CEFA M014353 朐 [月|句](surname)
C0-CF49 M014637 柟
C0-CF4A M014585 枵
C0-CF55 M014659 柰
C0-CF59 M014656 柭
C0-CF65 M016408 殂
C0-CF6E M017415 洴
C0-CF71 M017425 洼 →窪
C0-CF72 M017429 洿
C0-CF74 M017362 洊
C0-CFA3 M017418 洷
C0-CFA7 M017358 洇
C0-CFAE M018965 炷
C0-CFB2 M018955 炰
C0-CFB8 M019829 牉
C0-CFC0 M020384 狨
C0-CFCF M020973 珫
C0-CFD9 M053006 甮 [勿/用]
C0-CFDB M021767 畈
C0-CFEA M024052 砆
C0-CFEB M024067 砑
C0-D04A M027241 紃
C0-D04B M027247 紈
C0-D04E M028438 羑
C0-D051 M028857 耇
C0-D055 M029011 耷
C0-D058 M029398 胠
C0-D061 M029360 胊
C0-D061 M029360 胊 [肉|句]
C0-D065 M029384 胗
C0-D067 M029368 胍
C0-D06A M030685 芔 →卉
C0-D06C M030828 苾
C0-D070 M030831 茀
C0-D072 M030922 茺
C0-D07C M030818 苶
C0-D0A8 M032840 虼
C0-D0AB M034034 衎
C0-D0B1 M035219 訇
C0-D0BB M039380 郅
C0-D0BC M039366 邾
C0-D0BD M039385 郇
C0-D0C2 M041633 陔
C0-D0C6 M041614 陊
C0-D0CD M000799 倰
C0-D0D2 M000818 倷
C0-D0DB M000798 倯
C0-D0E4 M001664 凈
C0-D0E6 M002059 剡
C0-D0EA M002055 剟
C0-D0EC M002062 剢
C0-D0F2 M003745 唗
C0-D0F4 M003645 哧
C0-D0F5 M003668 哳
C0-D0FD M003695 唅
C0-D0FE M003664 哱
C0-D144 M003630 哠
C0-D145 M003706 唎
C0-D14C M005150 埕
C0-D152 M005090 垸
C0-D155 M005112 埇
C0-D157 M005094 垹
C0-D15C M006302 娖
C0-D165 M006989 孬 [不/好]
C0-D17E M006067 恧
C0-D1B6 M012130 捅
C0-D1BA M012105 挹
C0-D1BB M012140 捋
C0-D1BE M012083 挩
C0-D1C7 M012171 捚
C0-D1D2 M013638 旂 →旗(JIS-02090)
C0-D1D3 M013900 晊
C0-D1D8 M014358 朓 [月|兆]
C0-D1DD M014736 栳
C0-D1DE M014748 栻
C0-D1F8 M016071 欱
C0-D24A M017467 浡
C0-D250 M017539 涑
C0-D252 M017683 淯
C0-D25B M017465 浟
C0-D25D M017546 涘
C0-D275 M019005 烔
C0-D27D M019774 牂
C0-D27E M020012 牸
C0-D2AA M020453 猁
C0-D2AB M020937 珓
C0-D2AC M020945 珙
C0-D2B2 M020971 珩
C0-D2B7 M020952 珝
C0-D2BC M021380 瓞
C0-D2C3 M022081 疰
C0-D2C6 M022126 痄
C0-D2C8 M022119 疿
C0-D2CA M022102 疺
C0-D2D5 M023227 眙
C0-D2D9 M024091 砣
C0-D2E9 M024671 祜
C0-D2ED M025001 秫
C0-D2F6 M025459 窆
C0-D2FB M025467 窊
C0-D346 M025881 笎
C0-D349 M026866 粄
C0-D34A M057384 粑
C0-D350 M027298 紞
C0-D355 M027284 紖
C0-D358 M027275 紒
C0-D35B M028244 罜
C0-D35F M028245 罝
C0-D361 M028450 皟
C0-D361 M028450 羖
C0-D365 M028632 翀
C0-D366 M028908 耖
C0-D36D M029462 脁 [肉|兆]rare.
C0-D374 M030904 茭
C0-D377 M030952 荑
C0-D3A6 M030925 茼
C0-D3A7 M030948 荍
C0-D3AE M030942 荇
C0-D3B3 M030902 茬
C0-D3BA M032900 蚨
C0-D3BC M032852 蚍
C0-D3C1 M032845 蚆
C0-D3C8 M032899 蚧
C0-D3DE M036247 豇
C0-D3E3 M037045 赶 →M037149(趕)
C0-D3E5 M037376 趵
C0-D462 M000833 偀
C0-D46C M002094 剮 ←M053628
C0-D46E M002387 勓
C0-D471 M053241 啵
C0-D473 M003780 唼
C0-D474 M003812 啍
C0-D475 M003816 啐
C0-D475 M003816 啐
C0-D479 M003875 啢
C0-D47A M003771 唶
C0-D47C M003762 唰
C0-D47D M003819 啒
C0-D4A1 M003704 唌
C0-D4A2 M003766 唲
C0-D4A3 M003881 啥
C0-D4A6 M003805 啈
C0-D4A7 M003758 唭
C0-D4A8 M003779 唻
C0-D4AC M004788 圇
C0-D4B0 M005192 埶
C0-D4B4 M005179 埭
C0-D4B5 M005202 埽
C0-D4BA M005121 埏
C0-D4BE M005185 埲
C0-D4C7 M005218 堌
C0-D4D5 M006441 婭
C0-D4EF M006996 孲
C0-D4F2 M007198 寀
C0-D4F3 M007727 屙
C0-D549 M009381 庹
C0-D54A M009357 庲
C0-D555 M010718 悰
C0-D558 M010800 惔
C0-D55B M010810 惙
C0-D55F M010812 惛
C0-D560 M010732 悷
C0-D561 M010767 惊 →驚
C0-D566 M012096 挲
C0-D569 M012235 掂
C0-D56C M012270 掞
C0-D56D M012307 掭
C0-D56E M012269 掝
C0-D56F M012263 掗
C0-D573 M012241 掇
C0-D574 M012253 掐
C0-D576 M012309 掯
C0-D577 M012214 捵
C0-D579 M012200 捭
C0-D57A M012308 掮
C0-D57B M012223 捼
C0-D5A5 M012249 掍
C0-D5AA M013952 晡
C0-D5AD M013944 晜
C0-D5B9 M014801 桯
C0-D5C4 M014797 桫
C0-D5EF M017639 淖
C0-D5F1 M017666 淥
C0-D5F2 M017647 淜
C0-D5F5 M017691 淴
C0-D5F7 M017607 涽
C0-D5FD M017632 淏
C0-D645 M017630 淍
C0-D650 M019043 烳
C0-D652 M019056 烼
C0-D65D M020020 牻
C0-D669 M020511 猞
C0-D670 M053470 珽
C0-D67E M022154 痏
C0-D6A2 M022145 痌
C0-D6A9 M023289 眯
C0-D6B6 M024173 硍
C0-D6B8 M024171 硌
C0-D6DB M025967 笸
C0-D6DE M026889 粔
C0-D6EB M027377 絇
C0-D6F1 M028268 罣
C0-D740 M028918 耞
C0-D74B M029540 脬
C0-D74C M029508 脞
C0-D763 M031050 莕
C0-D764 M031057 莙
C0-D767 M031076 莩
C0-D768 M031009 荽
C0-D76C M031060 莛
C0-D7A2 M032949 蛁
C0-D7B7 M034197 袚
C0-D7C8 M035015 觕
C0-D7D0 M036356 豝
C0-D7D9 M057420 趿
C0-D7DA M037415 跁
C0-D7E6 M038872 逌
C0-D7EB M039484 郴
C0-D7EF M039470 郫
C0-D84B M041690 陯
C0-D84F M044030 飥
C0-D854 M000973 傞
C0-D855 M000946 傋
C0-D85A M000972 傝
C0-D85C M000971 傜
C0-D85D M000959 傒
C0-D869 M003991 喭
C0-D86A M053244 啷
C0-D86F M003926 喏 ←M056011
C0-D870 M004024 喵
C0-D873 M003936 喒 →M003552(咱)
C0-D874 M003973 喤
C0-D8AC M005310 堿
C0-D8B8 M006461 婺
C0-D8BD M006464 婼
C0-D8C1 M006469 婾
C0-D8C1 M053055 媮 →M006469(婾)
C0-D8C3 M006478 媄
C0-D8E4 M008255 崺
C0-D8E6 M008260 崽
C0-D8F4 M009931 彘
C0-D8FE M010937 愔
C0-D946 M010865 惸
C0-D951 M011751 扊
C0-D956 M012379 揥
C0-D95B M012404 揳
C0-D95D M012363 揠
C0-D960 M012403 揲
C0-D965 M012360 揝
C0-D966 M012359 揜
C0-D96C M012336 揌
C0-D977 M059652 敨
C0-D97A M013512 斝
C0-D97D M013668 旐
C0-D9A1 M014016 晼
C0-D9AB M014930 棓
C0-D9B1 M014979 棱
C0-D9B3 M014936 棖
C0-D9B5 M014968 棫
C0-D9B8 M015031 椓
C0-D9C4 M015033 椔
C0-D9C8 M014995 棼
C0-D9DB M016099 欻
C0-D9DC M016111 欿
C0-D9E2 M016647 殽
C0-D9E8 M017811 湆
C0-DA4A M017784 渰
C0-DA4D M017772 渧
C0-DA58 M019111 焠
C0-DA59 M019107 焞
C0-DA5A M019139 焯
C0-DA60 M019114 焢
C0-DA67 M019919 牚
C0-DA70 M020513 猢
C0-DA72 M020551 猳
C0-DA73 M020524 猧
C0-DA7A M021071 琮
C0-DA7B M021069 琬
C0-DA7C M021073 琰
C0-DAAF M022242 痧
C0-DAB3 M022198 痝
C0-DAB6 M022184 痗
C0-DABC M023350 睄
C0-DABE M023351 睅
C0-DAC4 M023975 矬
C0-DAD4 M024713 祲
C0-DAD6 M026061 稂
C0-DAD8 M025068 稃
C0-DAD9 M025082 稌
C0-DADE M025993 筊
C0-DAE8 M026921 粞
C0-DAFC M028143 缾
C0-DB41 M028494 羢
C0-DB4B M029614 腊
C0-DB4D M029623 腏
C0-DB57 M030206 舄
C0-DB66 M031233 菶
C0-DB6C M031134 莿
C0-DB6D M031248 萁
C0-DB6E M031186 菝
C0-DB6F M053599 菥
C0-DB77 M031152 菉
C0-DB7C M031255 萆
C0-DBA3 M031147 菇 ←M056211
C0-DBA4 M031166 菑
C0-DBAD M031162 菢
C0-DBB5 M033020 蛣
C0-DBC1 M034049 衖
C0-DBC2 M034048 衕
C0-DBC7 M034257 裀
C0-DBD6 M035370 詎
C0-DBE8 M036713 貺
C0-DBF0 M037474 跘
C0-DBF7 M037467 跕
C0-DBFE M038272 軺
C0-DC44 M038261 軵
C0-DC4D M038930 逭
C0-DC4E M038947 逴
C0-DC50 M039529 鄆
C0-DC5E M039829 酤
C0-DC6A M040204 鈀
C0-DCA2 M041738 隃
C0-DCA7 M042233 雱
C0-DCAA M057458 靰
C0-DCAC M043351 頇
C0-DCB7 M001008 傮
C0-DCBF M001033 傺
C0-DCCA M004041 嗃
C0-DCCB M004088 嗛
C0-DCCC M004063 嗌
C0-DCCF M004058 嗊
C0-DCD0 M053256 嗝
C0-DCD4 M004138 嗩
C0-DCD6 M004069 嗒
C0-DCE4 M005360 塤
C0-DCE6 M005323 塍
C0-DCF7 M006579 媸
C0-DD48 M007253 寖
C0-DD4F M008320 嵊
C0-DD62 M009844 彀
C0-DD63 M010204 徯
C0-DD75 M011630 戥
C0-DD76 M011625 戤
C0-DD7B M012474 搒
C0-DD7E M012497 搤
C0-DDA2 M059599 摃 →扛
C0-DDA4 M012478 搕
C0-DDA5 M012481 搘
C0-DDA8 M012494 搢
C0-DDAC M012511 搰
C0-DDB0 M012510 搯
C0-DDB1 M012453 搊
C0-DDB3 M012555 摀
C0-DDB4 M012498 搥
C0-DDB5 M012502 搧
C0-DDB6 M057581 搋
C0-DDB8 M012484 搛
C0-DDBA M012493 搡
C0-DDBB M012464 搎
C0-DDC0 M014045 暌
C0-DDC9 M015159 楦
C0-DDD3 M015094 楂
C0-DDD4 M015136 楗
C0-DDDA M015169 楬
C0-DDDD M015158 楥
C0-DDDE M014978 棰
C0-DDF4 M015086 椼
C0-DDF5 M016139 歆
C0-DDF9 M016143 歈
C0-DDFB M016517 殛
C0-DDFD M016899 毻
C0-DE4E M018009 滆
C0-DE51 M018002 滁
C0-DE5B M016004 滃
C0-DE5D M018059 滘
C0-DE60 M017923 溎
C0-DE6F M019213 煠
C0-DE73 M019260 煲
C0-DEA5 M020078 犍
C0-DEAC M020573 猻
C0-DEAD M020571 猺
C0-DEB1 M021099 瑄
C0-DEB3 M021107 瑋
C0-DEB5 M021113 瑑
C0-DEB6 M021122 瑗
C0-DEB7 M021095 瑀
C0-DEC0 M021534 瓿
C0-DEC4 M021894 畹
C0-DED6 M022870 皵
C0-DEDB M023412 睒
C0-DEDF M023461 睧
C0-DEE6 M024295 碔
C0-DEE7 M024287 碏
C0-DEEC M024311 碡
C0-DF42 M025561 窣
C0-DF46 M026057 筦
C0-DF48 M026069 筭
C0-DF4A M026062 筩
C0-DF4B M026077 筲
C0-DF58 M027489 綆
C0-DF5D M027471 絺
C0-DF60 M027485 綃
C0-DF6F M028709 翛
C0-DF76 M029692 腩
C0-DFA2 M029671 腡
C0-DFA5 M030435 艄
C0-DFAB M031409 葖
C0-DFAC M031459 葶
C0-DFAF M031895 蔿
C0-DFAF M056312 蔿 →M031895(蔿)
C0-DFAF M059893 蒍 →M031895(蔿)
C0-DFAF M075292 蔿 →M031895(蔿)
C0-DFB1 M031400 葑
C0-DFB7 M031468 葽
C0-DFB8 M031416 葚
C0-DFBB M031456 葳
C0-DFCF M031358 萹
C0-DFD2 M031402 葒
C0-DFDE M031428 葠
C0-DFE1 M031399 葐
C0-DFE6 M033077 蛺
C0-DFE9 M033253 蝍
C0-DFF8 M034288 裌
C0-DFFA M034780 覅 [要|勿]
C0-DFFD M035069 觥
C0-E046 M035473 誆
C0-E048 M035410 詡
C0-E049 M035345 訿
C0-E066 M037137 趒
C0-E069 M037520 跬
C0-E06C M037459 跐
C0-E06D M037515 跩
C0-E073 M037547 跴
C0-E075 M038286 軿
C0-E07C M038317 輋
C0-E0A8 M039572 鄖
C0-E0A9 M039570 鄔
C0-E0B9 M040287 鉆 →鑽(JIS-07951)
C0-E0BC M040297 鉏
C0-E0C8 M040296 鉎
C0-E0DA M042728 靳
C0-E0DB M042735 靷
C0-E0DC M042743 靸
C0-E0E0 M043370 頎
C0-E0E5 M044592 馲
C0-E0F2 M001096 僗
C0-E0FB M001134 僰
C0-E0FE M001107 僠
C0-E149 M004182 嘌
C0-E14C M004190 嘏
C0-E14E M004165 嘁
C0-E14F M004197 嘓
C0-E150 M004166 嘂 →叫(JIS-02211)
C0-E156 M005419 墉
C0-E157 M005400 塼 →磚
C0-E158 M005427 墐
C0-E159 M059335 墘
C0-E15B M005405 墁
C0-E165 M005418 墈
C0-E16F M006669 嫪
C0-E170 M006644 嫚
C0-E172 M006673 嫫
C0-E175 M006655 嫠
C0-E17C M006652 嫟
C0-E1A1 M007290 寣
C0-E1A2 M007791 屣
C0-E1B2 M009058 幘
C0-E1BA M009463 廓
C0-E1BB M009478 廙
C0-E1BC M009460 廒
C0-E1CB M011129 慬
C0-E1CC M011167 憀
C0-E1D6 M011637 戩
C0-E1D7 M011632 戧
C0-E1D8 M011640 戫
C0-E1E0 M012638 摳
C0-E1E1 M012651 摽
C0-E1E6 M012673 撂
C0-E1E7 M012594 摞
C0-E1E8 M012591 摜
C0-E1E9 M012558 摋
C0-E1EB M012596 摠
C0-E1EE M012554 搿
C0-E1F2 M012607 摥
C0-E1F9 M014311 朅
C0-E245 M015295 榼
C0-E264 M016168 歍
C0-E267 M016536 殟
C0-E268 M016541 殠
C0-E26C M018026 滎
C0-E278 M018139 漚
C0-E279 M018161 漧
C0-E27E M018113 漊
C0-E2A5 M018218 漭
C0-E2A7 M018170 漰 [水|崩]
C0-E2A8 M018183 漼
C0-E2B8 M018111 漈
C0-E2B9 M018151 漡
C0-E2CA M020599 獃
C0-E2D0 M021168 瑱
C0-E2D9 M022006 疐
C0-E2DA M022359 瘖
C0-E2DC M022323 瘌
C0-E2DD M022354 瘕
C0-E2E4 M023555 瞅
C0-E2ED M057210 碴
C0-E2EE M024342 碭
C0-E345 ―― 穊 →M025261(穊)
C0-E348 M025155 稨
C0-E352 M026135 箐
C0-E35E M026990 粻
C0-E35F M026998 粿
C0-E360 M026991 粼
C0-E36C M027597 緄
C0-E36F M027605 緌
C0-E371 M027585 綹
C0-E372 M027516 綎 yan2
C0-E375 M027555 綦
C0-E37C M028739 翣
C0-E37D M028744 翥
C0-E3B0 M031622 蒺
C0-E3B2 M031640 蓂
C0-E3B7 M031614 蒴
C0-E3C3 M031646 蓇
C0-E3C7 M031601 蒯
C0-E3C8 M031590 蒨
C0-E3CC M031658 蓏
C0-E3D1 M059896 蓛
C0-E3D6 M033154 蜣
C0-E3DB M033145 蜞
C0-E3DC M033150 蜡
C0-E3E6 M033167 蜪
C0-E3EA M033202 蜺
C0-E3F7 M034353 裱
C0-E448 M035084 觫
C0-E451 M036404 豨
C0-E453 M036793 賕
C0-E456 M037150 趖
C0-E45B M037549 跽
C0-E460 M037570 踅
C0-E468 M039617 鄣
C0-E47E M040371 銍
C0-E4A8 M040496 鋮
C0-E4CA M043121 韍
C0-E4CC M043795 颭
C0-E4E3 M046667 鳲
C0-E4EA M001187 儆
C0-E4EB M001188 儇
C0-E4ED M001170 僾
C0-E4EE M001195 儋
C0-E4F9 M004259 嘵
C0-E4FA M004285 噁
C0-E4FC M004299 噉
C0-E4FE M004347 噘
C0-E544 M004238 嘬
C0-E547 M004236 嘪
C0-E54F M005483 墯
C0-E556 M006717 嫽
C0-E560 M006754 嬏
C0-E561 M007804 屧
C0-E569 M008488 嶠
C0-E570 M009081 幠
C0-E578 M011197 憋
C0-E5A6 M011211 憒
C0-E5AF M012709 撖
C0-E5B1 M012676 撅
C0-E5B2 M012710 撗
C0-E5B6 M012682 撊
C0-E5BB M012754 撱
C0-E5BC M012711 撘
C0-E5C1 M013585 斲 →斫(JIS-05849)
C0-E5C1 M079890 斲 →斫(JIS-05849)
C0-E5D1 M015356 槤
C0-E5E0 M015409 樈
C0-E5F7 M016942 毿
C0-E5FB M018308 潾
C0-E5FC M018318 澇
C0-E640 M018329 澍
C0-E642 M018328 澌
C0-E652 M018242 潝
C0-E658 M018334 澐
C0-E65C M018310 潿
C0-E663 M019355 熯
C0-E665 M019356 熰
C0-E666 M019333 熠
C0-E667 M019324 熚
C0-E66A M019327 熝
C0-E670 M069037 熜
C0-E671 M019345 熧
C0-E677 M020687 獞
C0-E679 M020692 獠
C0-E6A2 M021203 璇
C0-E6A5 M021202 璆
C0-E6A8 M021201 璅
C0-E6A9 M021204 璈
C0-E6BC M023581 瞍
C0-E6CA M024393 磉
C0-E6D0 M024789 禛
C0-E6D2 M025212 稹
C0-E6D9 M026192 箬
C0-E6EB M027660 緦
C0-E6EC M027693 緶
C0-E6ED M027684 緱
C0-E6F8 M029769 翬
C0-E74E M031778 蔏
C0-E759 M031837 蔫
C0-E75E M031834 蔪
C0-E76F M031813 蔞
C0-E774 M031713 蓨
C0-E77D M031848 蔯
C0-E77E M032742 虢
C0-E7A3 M033293 蝤
C0-E7AF M033308 蝭
C0-E7BC M033360 蝻
C0-E7C8 M034455 褙
C0-E7D8 M035651 諑
C0-E7DA M035656 諕
C0-E7E2 M035602 誺
C0-E7EA M036804 賙
C0-E7EB M036831 賨
C0-E840 M037617 踔
C0-E841 M037612 踒
C0-E845 M037625 踗
C0-E84B M038380 輠
C0-E854 M039655 鄯
C0-E85B M039899 醅
C0-E85D M039907 醊
C0-E86A M040474 鋟
C0-E86F M040447 鋌
C0-E873 M040445 鋊
C0-E87A M040475 鋠
C0-E8A6 M041330 閬
C0-E8AA M041849 隤
C0-E8AD M042296 霅
C0-E8AF M042282 霂
C0-E8B0 M042575 靚
C0-E8B8 M043456 頦
C0-E8BF M044137 餈
C0-E8C1 M044162 餑
C0-E8E1 M045993 魣
C0-E8F0 M047598 麃
C0-E8F4 M001238 儜
C0-E8F5 M001223 儓
C0-E8FC M004400 噰
C0-E8FD M004353 噠
C0-E941 M004372 噦
C0-E942 M004363 噣
C0-E943 M004392 噭
C0-E944 M004407 噲
C0-E94F M005506 墼
C0-E951 M006771 嬗
C0-E953 M006782 嬛
C0-E954 M006807 嬡
C0-E961 M008502 嶧
C0-E965 M008506 嶪
C0-E96C M009103 幨
C0-E977 M011244 憨
C0-E9A4 M012834 擗
C0-E9A6 M012813 擐
C0-E9A8 M012799 擉
C0-E9AC M012841 擛
C0-E9AE M012838 擙
C0-E9C0 M015524 橉
C0-E9C8 M015556 橛
C0-E9D1 M015533 橐
C0-E9D3 M015541 橔
C0-E9DE M016218 歕
C0-E9E4 M016681 毈
C0-E9EC M018448 濇
C0-E9ED M018428 澼
C0-E9F0 M018243 潞
C0-EA48 M019391 燂
C0-EA4D M019390 燁
C0-EA4E M019410 燋
C0-EA51 M019401 燇
C0-EA54 M019432 燘
C0-EA5C M020723 獦
C0-EA5E M020734 獬
C0-EA6F M022453 瘳
C0-EA75 M023044 盦
C0-EA79 M023645 瞜
C0-EAA6 M024426 磞
C0-EAA9 M024436 磡
C0-EAAF M025248 穄
C0-EAB1 M025256 穇
C0-EAB3 M025631 窸
C0-EABB M026301 篕
C0-EAC1 M026360 篪
C0-EAD1 M027780 縠
C0-EAD5 M027757 縕
C0-EAE5 M028965 耪
C0-EAE6 M028962 耩
C0-EAE6 M057309 耩
C0-EAF0 M029895 膴
C0-EAFC M031958 蕓
C0-EB42 M031995 蕤
C0-EB44 M031989 蕢
C0-EB49 M031892 蔾
C0-EB49 M031929 蔾 →M031892(蔾)
C0-EB52 M032100 薌
C0-EB6B M033364 螄
C0-EB6F M033374 螉
C0-EB71 M034498 褦
C0-EB72 M034513 褰
C0-EB7C M034476 褟
C0-EB7D M035131 觱
C0-EBC0 M037716 蹀
C0-EBC1 M057412 蹅
C0-EBC9 M038436 輶
C0-EBE5 M059974 錼
C0-EBE6 M040554 錛
C0-EBF2 M040540 錓
C0-EC4B M041367 閶
C0-EC4C M041383 閿
C0-EC4E M041383 閽
C0-EC4F M041872 隩 [阜|奥](*errored in KB)
C0-EC56 M042835 鞔
C0-EC5E M044236 餧 →M003900(喂)
C0-EC60 M044533 馞
C0-EC65 M044732 駰
C0-EC7C M046073 鮐
C0-ECA3 M046819 鴥
C0-ECA6 M046803 鴞
C0-ECA9 M046801 鴝
C0-ECB9 M001257 儦
C0-ECBA M001255 儥
C0-ECC0 M053272 嚓
C0-ECC1 M004474 嚌
C0-ECCA M005560 壖
C0-ECCF M006813 嬥
C0-ECE6 M011357 懨
C0-ECE7 M011375 懞
C0-ECEC M012857 擤
C0-ECF5 M015633 檁
C0-ED4C M016588 殭
C0-ED4E M018456 濌
C0-ED53 M018492 濜
C0-ED56 M018510 濦
C0-ED58 M018615 濲
C0-ED68 M021276 璫
C0-ED71 M021604 甒
C0-ED72 M021596 甏
C0-ED74 M022506 癃
C0-ED78 M022784 皤
C0-ED7A M023712 瞵
C0-EDA4 M024017 矰
C0-EDA8 M024490 磻
C0-EDAB M057221 礅
C0-EDB0 M024832 禨
C0-EDB1 M025307 穜
C0-EDBB M026458 簏
C0-EDBC M026392 篲
C0-EDC7 M026420 簁
C0-EDCB M026390 篰
C0-EDCC M026391 篱 →籬(JIS06865)
C0-EDD8 M027848 繀
C0-EDD9 M027856 繇
C0-EDDA M027807 縩
C0-EDDF M027853 繄
C0-EDE3 M028370 罾
C0-EDE7 M028971 耬
C0-EDEB M029955 臊
C0-EDF5 M032106 薏
C0-EDFB M032060 蕻
C0-EE44 M032059 蕺
C0-EE48 M032116 薖
C0-EE4E M032139 薢
C0-EE51 M032085 薅
C0-EE56 M032131 薟
C0-EE5A M033494 螭
C0-EE5D M033493 螬
C0-EE69 M033549 蟊
C0-EE6C M033530 螿
C0-EE72 M034573 褳
C0-EE7D M035144 觳
C0-EEA4 M035716 謅
C0-EEAC M035792 謈
C0-EEBA M037760 蹎
C0-EEBC M053407 蹓
C0-EECD M040728 鎡
C0-EED0 M040634 鍤
C0-EED2 M040599 鍇
C0-EED4 M040622 鍘
C0-EEF4 M041885 隮
C0-EEFD M057462 鞡
C0-EF40 M042889 鞞
C0-EF4F M044283 餳
C0-EF53 M044277 餱
C0-EF5A M044749 駴
C0-EF63 M044780 騃
C0-EF66 M045455 髽
C0-EF67 M045468 鬁
C0-EF6A M046093 鮚
C0-EF7E M046846 鴰
C0-EFAE M047937 黈
C0-EFB1 M048261 黿
C0-EFBA M004515 嚘
C0-EFBB M004526 嚜
C0-EFBC M004512 嚗
C0-EFBD M004518 嚚
C0-EFBE M004527 嚝
C0-EFC2 M007812 屩
C0-EFC8 M011376 懟
C0-EFCD M011421 懰
C0-EFD1 M012922 擿
C0-EFD2 M012932 攄
C0-EFDB M014224 曛
C0-EFF6 M018563 濼
C0-EFF8 M018597 瀊
C0-F04B M022601 癤
C0-F04D M022542 癐
C0-F05B M024524 礐
C0-F068 M026530 簦
C0-F06B M026528 簥
C0-F06E M027881 繐
C0-F075 M027912 繠
C0-F0A3 M030543 艞
C0-F0A9 M032195 薳
C0-F0AE M032219 薿
C0-F0B0 M032262 藎
C0-F0B6 M032502 蘤
C0-F0BB M033602 蟧
C0-F0BB M033602 蟧
C0-F0BD M033595 蟢
C0-F0BE M033583 蟛
C0-F0C0 M033610 蟪
C0-F0C1 M033600 蟥
C0-F0C2 M033590 蟟
C0-F0CA M033596 蟣
C0-F0D1 M033585 蟝
C0-F0D4 M034599 襏
C0-F0D6 M034575 襆
C0-F0E5 M035855 謥
C0-F0EC M035907 謽
C0-F0F0 M036624 貙
C0-F0F7 M037811 蹜
C0-F0FA M037787 蹗
C0-F0FE M037841 蹧
C0-F141 M037806 蹚
C0-F142 M037817 蹡
C0-F144 M037846 蹩
C0-F158 M040721 鎝
C0-F16D M041451 闓
C0-F16F M041895 隳
C0-F16F M041895 隳
C0-F171 M042120 雚
C0-F175 M042123 雝
C0-F176 M042393 霣
C0-F1A4 M043176 韙
C0-F1A9 M043598 顑
C0-F1AA M043599 顒
C0-F1AB M043888 颸
C0-F1AC M044328 饁
C0-F1AD M044316 餼
C0-F1AE M044305 餺
C0-F1B4 M044824 騑
C0-F1B5 M044808 騊
C0-F1BB M045490 鬈
C0-F1BD M045474 鬅
C0-F1C2 M045861 魋
C0-F1C3 M046178 鯇
C0-F1D0 M046927 鵓
C0-F1D1 M046919 鵏
C0-F1D9 M046926 鵒
C0-F1E0 M048091 黟
C0-F1EC M001299 儵
C0-F1ED M002273 劖
C0-F1F6 M005586 壚
C0-F1FC M006874 嬿
C0-F1FD M008598 巃
C0-F247 M012965 攎
C0-F263 M018667 瀣
C0-F26A M019546 爊
C0-F277 M021620 甖
C0-F2B9 M028180 罋
C0-F2C2 M030003 臗
C0-F2C5 M030564 艣
C0-F2C8 M032352 藭
C0-F2CC M032321 藚
C0-F2D2 M032334 藟
C0-F2D7 M032342 藦
C0-F2DD M033685 蠃
C0-F2E3 M033694 蠆
C0-F2F0 M034642 襝
C0-F2F3 M034969 覷
C0-F2FC M035968 譔
C0-F34F M037863 蹭
C0-F351 M037875 蹳
C0-F354 M037887 蹻
C0-F357 M038539 轑
C0-F361 M040778 鏇
C0-F366 M040841 鏹
C0-F371 M040775 鏄
C0-F3A3 M042977 鞶
C0-F3A5 M043191 韞
C0-F3A7 M043632 顜
C0-F3AB M043930 颿
C0-F3AD M043917 颻
C0-F3B1 M057489 饃
C0-F3BA M044867 騢
C0-F3BC M044878 騧
C0-F3C1(KB errored the left part as 馬 instead of 骨) M045227 髂
C0-F3C1(KB errored the left part as 馬 instead of 骨) M057648 髂 →M045227
C0-F3C4 M045524 鬎
C0-F3C5 M045519 鬌
C0-F3D1 M046264 鯬
C0-F3D8 M047023 鵷
C0-F3E7 M047012 鵰
C0-F3EB M047031 鵻
C0-F3F8 M048519 齁
C0-F3FA M048599 齖
C0-F3FB M048600 齗
C0-F3FE M004585 嚲 (duo3)
C0-F44C M012986 攖
C0-F453 M015868 櫳
C0-F45B M018716 瀼
C0-F46E M020788 獼
C0-F478 M024021 矲
C0-F47B M024568 礧
C0-F4A8 M026671 籊
C0-F4AD M028006 繾
C0-F4B3 M030028 臛
C0-F4B9 M032406 藿
C0-F4BD M032408 蘀
C0-F4BE M032385 藶
C0-F4BF M032418 蘄
C0-F4C1 M032422 蘅
C0-F4C5 M033732 蠐
C0-F4C8 M033745 蠓
C0-F4E5 M040053 醲
C0-F4E7 M040879 鐋
C0-F545 M041484 闞
C0-F54D M043313 韾
C0-F54F M043660 顢
C0-F55F M044928 騶
C0-F561 M044912 騮
C0-F563 M044906 騭
C0-F567 M045535 鬐
C0-F574 M046350 鰗
C0-F57C M047098 鶘
C0-F5A1 M047122 鶠
C0-F5A6 M047124 鶡
C0-F5AC M047203 鶿
C0-F5B2 M047675 麛
C0-F5B6 M048131 黧
C0-F5BE M048612 齙
C0-F5C3 M002279 劗
C0-F5C6 M004611 嚾
C0-F5C9 M008622 巋
C0-F5CD M013004 攛
C0-F5DA M019614 爝
C0-F5DD M020798 獾
C0-F5E2 M024586 礱
C0-F5EC M028039 纍
C0-F5FD M032490 蘞
C0-F642 M056402 蠛
C0-F65A M039749 酆
C0-F671 M043209 韡
C0-F67B M044967 驄
C0-F6AD M046378 鰣
C0-F6B6 M047218 鷇
C0-F6C1 M047164 鶬
C0-F6C5 M047225 鷌 [烏|馬]
C0-F6CC M048156 黮
C0-F6CD M048151 黭
C0-F6D0 M048362 鼚
C0-F6D6 M000342 亹
C0-F6D9 M004634 囋
C0-F6E3 M013030 攢
C0-F6E6 M015925 欉 →叢
C0-F6F0 M021357 瓘
C0-F6F6 M024602 礵
C0-F6FA M026732 籗
C0-F6FB M026742 籜
C0-F6FC M026734 籙
C0-F761 M037962 躐
C0-F769 M040981 鑊
C0-F772 M043217 韣
C0-F77E M044982 驊
C0-F7AF M046420 鰳
C0-F7B2 M046432 鰷 ←M057456
C0-F7BF M047289 鷟
C0-F7C6 M047285 鷝
C0-F7D0 M001328 儽
C0-F7DD M013038 攥
C0-F7E2 M015933 欏
C0-F7EE M028071 纕
C0-F7F0 M032580 蘺
C0-F7F1 M032591 虀
C0-F7F1 M032591 虀 →齏(JIS-08077)
C0-F7F3 M032583 蘼
C0-F7F5 M032581 蘻
C0-F7F9 M033858 蠮
C0-F858 M046504 鱘
C0-F867 M047307 鷤
C0-F86A M047391 鷮
C0-F86D M047343 鷰
C0-F876 M048189 黲
C0-F87B M048477 鼷
C0-F8AA M014271 曭
C0-F8AE M018819 灡
C0-F8AF M018811 灝
C0-F8B2 M021364 瓛
C0-F8B8 M026799 籪
C0-F8C1 M036141 讔
C0-F8C2 M036142 讕
C0-F8CA M041040 鑫
C0-F8EA M048545 齆
C0-F944 M030055 臡
C0-F94B M034741 襻
C0-F94F M038017 躥
C0-F95B M046571 鱮
C0-F95C M046570 鱭
C0-F95F M047438 鸐
C0-F965 M048306 鼉 tuo2
C0-F96B M004866 圞
C0-F96D M026813 籯
C0-F96F M037361 趲
C0-F970 M038022 躦
C0-F971 M040106 釃
C0-F9A9 M036170 讞
C0-F9AC M038171 軉
C0-F9B7 M047468 鸕
C0-F9BA M011525 戇
C0-F9BB M015985 欞
C0-F9D0 M018831 灎 →M018846(灩)
C0-F9D0 M018846 灩
C0-F9D2 M047714 麤
C3-2121 M000067 丨
C3-212E M000124 义
C3-2133 M059029 亾
C3-2149 M000353 仅
C3-2156 M002497 匀
C3-215C M003062 厷
C3-2178 M001517 冋
C3-2225 M002511 匆
C3-223F M007479 尔
C3-224A M050167 归
C3-2254 M017091 氹
C3-2263 M000144 丢
C3-2331 M053012 厾
C3-2335 M003271 叿
C3-233F M004896 圵
C3-2428 M018854 灮 →光(JIS-02487)
C3-2448 M000473 伲
C3-245C M001922 刣
C3-245E M001926 刦 →劫
C3-2476 M003322 吚
C3-2548 M004710 囱
C3-2556 M006092 妚
C3-2632 M051257 报 →報(JIS-04283)
C3-2637 M011865 抅
C3-2638 M011902 抝
C3-2647 M014472 杘
C3-2653 M017166 汵
C3-2664 M057073 牤 →M059771(牤)
C3-2664 M059771 牤
C3-272D M032805 虬
C3-2752 M001374 兖
C3-275E M001957 刴
C3-2766 M002864 卺
C3-276C M003483 咅
C3-276F M003511 咓
C3-2854 M007670 屉
C3-2926 M011918 抲
C3-2929 M059620 拤
C3-292E M011960 拕
C3-2932 M011935 拁
C3-293E M013780 旿
C3-2952 M014517 枀 →松(JIS-03030)
C3-295A M016729 毑
C3-2974 M018899 炇
C3-2A22 M019942 牦
C3-2A26 M020328 狍
C3-2A3D M024920 秄
C3-2A5C M002808 卧 →臥
C3-2A60 M030697 芜
C3-2A66 M030725 芪
C3-2B26 M000305 亯
C3-2B2B M000658 侾
C3-2B4F M003165 叚
C3-2B51 M003564 咹
C3-2B53 M053233 哐
C3-2B68 M005033 儫
C3-2B70 M005049 垜
C3-2B70 M005049 垜
C3-2C29 M006248 姹
C3-2C29 M006258 姹
C3-2C70 M012030 挅
C3-2C77 M013630 斾
C3-2D36 M014581 枱
C3-2D39 M014682 栀
C3-2D42 M016801 毡 →氈
C3-2D46 N017348 泿
C3-2D5F M018947 炪
C3-2D74 M020377 狥
C3-2D79 M020926 珏
C3-2E37 M024059 砊
C3-2E41 M024953 秔
C3-2E7E M032825 虸
C3-2F30 M038804 迱
C3-2F3E M039379 郄
C3-2F45 M000779 倝
C3-2F53 M000763 倐
C3-2F65 M002036 剗
C3-2F6E M002380 勑
C3-2F74 M003670 哴
C3-2F76 M003727 唓
C3-2F78 M003671 哵
C3-2F78 M059185 哵 →M003671(哵)
C3-2F7A M003692 唂
C3-3021 M003662 哰
C3-3022 M059186 哶 →M003540(咩)
C3-3023 M003672 哶 →M003540(咩)
C3-3034 M005108 埄
C3-303C M006338 娪
C3-304F M006296 娒 →姆
C3-3068 M008900 帮
C3-3069 M008920 帬
C3-3127 M010679 悞
C3-3129 M011741 扅
C3-3135 M012095 挱
C3-3162 M014778 桕
C3-3179 M017461 浛
C3-3246 M020963 珤
C3-3255 M022088 疴
C3-325B M022979 盌 →碗
C3-3273 M024980 秚
C3-333B M027324 紥 →紮(JIS-06907)
C3-334A M029440 胶 →膠
C3-334C M029428 胮
C3-334E M029464 脃 →脆
C3-3376 M034165 袄 →襖
C3-344E M001683 凑
C3-3452 M002388 勔
C3-3457 M003826 啘
C3-345F M003753 唩
C3-3467 M003788 唿
C3-3468 M003755 唫
C3-346B M005181 埯
C3-3479 M005778 够
C3-3572 M010693 悤
C3-3662 M016085 欵 →款(JIS-02030)
C3-3664 M016475 殐
C3-3772 M025491 窑 →窰(JIS-06763)
C3-3849 M029498 脗
C3-385E M031061 莜
C3-3866 M032914 蚮
C3-386B M034200 袜 →襪
C3-3877 M034816 覔
C3-3921 M035280 䚻
C3-392C M036353 豛
C3-393F M038049 躭
C3-394A M038880 递 →遞(JIS-07810)
C3-394A M052018 递 →遞(JIS-07810)
C3-3A2B M053252 嗞
C3-3A2F M004023 喴
C3-3A31 M003906 喅
C3-3A3B M003994 喯
C3-3A3B M059226 喯 →M003994(喯)
C3-3A40 M003961 喞 →喞(JIS-05136)
C3-3A4C M005261 堦
C3-3A53 M005966 奣
C3-3A79 M006565 媪 →媼(JIS05328)
C3-3B24 M007517 尞
C3-3B31 M008319 嵗
C3-3B4B M010174 徧
C3-3B59 M010846 惥
C3-3B5E M010875 惽
C3-3B67 M012361 揞
C3-3B6D M053167 揸
C3-3B73 M012345 揑
C3-3C45 M014912 棃 →梨
C3-3C4D M016884 毴
C3-3C58 M017827 湏
C3-3C71 M019148 焵
C3-3D2E M053312 猨
C3-3D57 M023867 矟
C3-3D79 M026005 筓
C3-3E26 M027415 絙
C3-3E26 M027415 絙
C3-3E40 M029609 腈
C3-3E57 M031322 荆 →M030940(荆)
C3-3F3B M037463 跒
C3-3F3E M037466 跔
C3-3F44 M038254 軲
C3-3F50 M038923 逩
C3-4032 M045359 髠 →M045361(髡)
C3-4033 M059028 亷 →廉(JIS-04687)
C3-4048 M003008 厫 ←M053481
C3-404B M003204 叠 →疊
C3-4051 M004035 嗁
C3-405E M056017 塟 →葬(JIS-03382)
C3-4071 M007013 孴
C3-4133 M012516 搲
C3-4134 M012527 搸
C3-4142 M012544 搼
C3-4175 M015108 楇
C3-4178 M015157 楤
C3-417A M015166 㮚
C3-4224 M016521 㱭
C3-4228 M016897 毺
C3-4239 M017982 溵
C3-4251 M019185 煏
C3-4258 M019187 煑 →煮
C3-425C M019869 牐
C3-426A M021130 瑝
C3-427D M022297 瘂
C3-4344 M025125 稝
C3-4354 M026071 筯
C3-435E M027503 綐
C3-4432 M031421 葜
C3-4439 M031476 蒀
C3-4476 M038300 輄
C3-4528 M039851 酧
C3-457A M001798 凴 →凭(JIS-04963)
C3-4631 M004234 嘞
C3-4638 M005430 墒
C3-463E M005386 塳
C3-4650 M053002 嘦 [只/要]
C3-4725 M012534 搻
C3-4726 M012672 撁
C3-4728 M012565 摏 →舂
C3-473B M015306 槅
C3-4744 M015347 槖
C3-4751 M015233 榘
C3-475D M018175 漴
C3-4765 M018093 滺
C3-476D M019297 熌
C3-476F M019270 煼
C3-483D M023530 睻
C3-4844 M024361 碱
C3-484F M025167 稭
C3-4850 M025166 稬
C3-486A M027571 絣
C3-4870 M027578 綳 →繃
C3-4871 M027607 緍
C3-4879 M028316 罱
C3-4933 M031548 蒕
C3-4964 M035509 誐
C3-4971 M036786 賖 →M049736(賒)
C3-4A5E M044126 餁
C3-4A6E M045320 髚
C3-4B27 M001210 儎
C3-4B2C M053633 儍
C3-4B2F M001715 凙
C3-4B31 M002215 劆
C3-4B39 M004324 噔
C3-4B3B M004301 噋
C3-4B45 M004310 噏
C3-4B4B M005471 墪
C3-4B68 M008492 嶤
C3-4B6C M008702 巤
C3-4B70 M009079 幞
C3-4B75 M011241 憦
C3-4C3B M012694 撑 →M012693(撐)
C3-4C64 M015363 槩
C3-4D2A M019337 熢 [火|蓬]
C3-4D2E M019883 牕
C3-4D6E M027056 糍
C3-4D72 M027036 糉 →粽
C3-4D72 M059851 糭 →粽
C3-4E4E M031884 蔴 →麻
C3-4E5D M033318 蝱
C3-4E65 M034892 覥
C3-4F35 M038396 輧 →M038286(軿)
C3-4F6B M059766 餙
C3-5034 M001244 儞
C3-5035 M001237 儛
C3-503D M053271 噻
C3-506F M012823 擓
C3-513A M015621 橱 →M057048(櫥)
C3-513A M015784 櫉 →M057048(櫥)
C3-5145 M016202 歘
C3-5150 M018434 澾
C3-5150 M053486 澾 →M018434(澾)
C3-5158 M018417 澷
C3-516D M021583 甊
C3-522A M025250 穅 →糠(JIS-02539)
C3-522F M025635 窻
C3-5239 M027112 糡
C3-523F M027805 縧
C3-5244 M029876 膯
C3-5324 M038412 輭 →軟
C3-532D M039926 醎
C3-5338 M040524 錇
C3-543E M048585 齓
C3-5453 M059475 嬷 →M006809(嬤)
C3-5454 M059503 尶 →M059486(尷)
C3-5459 M008556 巀
C3-545C M011371 懛
C3-546B M013604 斲 →斫(JIS-05849)
C3-5472 M014209 曗
C3-5557 M058577 皥
C3-556B M026412 篺
C3-556E M026414 篼
C3-5648 M035831 謟
C3-5655 M037763 蹏
C3-5728 M043557 顇
C3-573A M045187 骽
C3-573B M045462 鬀 →剃(JIS-03670)
C3-5745 M046100 鮝
C3-5745 M057453 鮝
C3-5745 M057453 鮝 →M046100(鮝)
C3-5750 M047771 麯
C3-5755 M048819 龎
C3-5757 M004533 嚟
C3-5759 M004528 嚞
C3-5763 M009881 彍
C3-577B M050018 櫈 →M001797(凳)
C3-5822 M015758 櫄
C3-5823 M015750 檿
C3-5833 M022543 癑
C3-5834 M022540 癏
C3-584C M059839 簮 →簪
C3-585C M028175 罇
C3-5861 M028810 翱
C3-5861 M049518 翱 →M028810(翱)
C3-5861 M054924 翶 →M028810(翱)
C3-5861 M057399 翱 →M028810(翱)
C3-5861 M057400 翺 →M028810(翱)
C3-5861 M059861 翶 →M028810(翱)
C3-5873 M033604 蟩
C3-5874 M033624 蟮
C3-5878 M033582 蟚
C3-5929 M035851 䌛
C3-5965 M044308 餻
C3-5966 M044300 餹
C3-596D M044821 騐 →驗(JIS-08168)
C3-5976 M046187 鯋
C3-5A2E M059351 壠
C3-5A34 M007046 孼 →M007047(孽)
C3-5A34 M059485 孼 →M007047(孽)
C3-5A3A M012961 攋
C3-5A5D M021324 瓈
C3-5A5F M023773 矆
C3-5A66 M025337 穤
C3-5A74 M027949 繮
C3-5A7B M030567 艥
C3-5B27 M033675 蟽
C3-5B3B M037868 蹰
C3-5B3B M037972 躕 →M037868(蹰)
C3-5B41 M040825 鏩
C3-5B48 M040795 鏓
C3-5B50 M040770 鏁 →鎖
C3-5B53 M041476 闝
C3-5B53 M041476 闝
C3-5B60 M042974 鞵
C3-5B61 M043249 韲 →齏(JIS-08077)
C3-5B65 M043610 顖
C3-5C22 M047009 鵮
C3-5C57 M019581 爗
C3-5C57 M056063 爗 →M019581(爗)
C3-5C5E M021336 瓌
C3-5C5E M053478 瓌 →M021336(瓌)
C3-5D3C M040868 鐄
C3-5D3E M040875 鐈
C3-5D41 M040845 鏳
C3-5D60 M045246 髈
C3-5D6E M046309 鰂
C3-5D74 M046306 鯿
C3-5E22 M047914 黁
C3-5E26 M004617 嚻
C3-5E45 M024580 礮
C3-5E72 M042487 霶
C3-5E74 M043030 鞾 →靴
C3-5E78 M043688 顦
C3-5F2C M046371 鰟
C3-5F37 M057211 鹻
C3-5F3A M047688 麞
C3-5F3E M048653 齩 →咬
C3-5F49 M059647 攧
C3-5F4A M013022 攞
C3-5F51 M057863 灞
C3-5F52 M018777 灔 →M018846(灩)
C3-5F52 M018839 灧 →M018846(灩)
C3-5F6B M057484 鑔
C3-6025 M046426 鰵
C3-6066 M046490 鱑
C3-612A M044473 饝
C3-6140 M015971 欛
C3-6144 M026804 籭
C3-616C M038023 躧
C3-6241 M046632 鱻
C4-2131 M002838 卪
C4-2160 M001807 凷
C4-2221 M028200 罒
C4-2248 M003075 厽
C4-2439 M011882 抐
C4-2475 M030668 芉
C4-2543 M001664 凈
C4-276D M030177 臽 (xian4)
C4-277A M030749 芿
C4-287D M008045 峕
C4-2F29 M028120 䍃
C4-3041 M041940 隺
C4-3178 M012266 掚
C4-385E M017918 湽
C4-3A7B M034235 袳
C4-3C3C M002425 勥
C4-3C3C M057082 勥 →M002425(勥)
C4-3F46 M024734 祻
C4-3F50 M025112 稖
C4-4259 M057955 墚
C4-436B M014080 暛
C4-4444 M018156 漤
C4-4458 M019306 熓
C4-4570 M026189 箥
C4-467E M033178 蜯
C4-4D28 M033320 蝲
C4-4E44 M040492 鋬
C4-4F2C M046010 魮
C4-4F7B M006013 奯
C4-5139 M021224 璏
C4-5221 M025261 穊
C4-5324 M031955 蕒
C4-5429 M037697 踺
C4-5543 M046042 鮁
C4-5547 M046038 魿
C4-5633 M011362 懗
C4-5740 M024479 礀
C4-5757 M057363 簕 [竹/勒]
C4-5840 M032142 薥
C4-5840 M056349 薥 →M032142(薥)
C4-5A43 M059152 鮳
C4-5B5A M018562 㵿
C4-5C59 M027114 糨 [米|強]
C4-5E38 M042384 霡
C4-5F7E M019544 爉
C4-6025 M020780 獹
C4-6042 M024552 礟
C4-644D M035994 譞
C4-646B M040862 鐝
C4-655F M046304 鯽 →M058230(鯽)
C4-6843 M047204 鷀
C4-695E M043049 韂
C4-6B74 M023835 矖
C4-6D62 M041072 鑹
C5-4B4C M057680 餄
C5-562F M057214 磙
C5-5A4A M046069 鮍
C5-6943 M033689 蠄
C6-255B M039276 邔
C6-3D35 M059215 喒 →M003552(咱)
C6-5377 M054835 殟 →M016536(殟)
C6-616F M033217 蝄
CX-2347 M053023 賸 →剩
CX-2362 M059815 磵 →M024479(礀)

C3-216A M019910 ――
C3-216F M000384 ――
C3-217E M001877 ――
C3-224E M079850 ――
C3-2338 M003288 ――
C3-233C M003317 ――
C3-2525 M003421 ――
C3-262B M011877 ――
C3-265D M017179 ――
C3-2753 M050106 ―― →兔
C3-2847 M006162 ―― →M006043(奶)
C3-292B M049126 ――
C3-292D M011916 ――
C3-2966 M017291 ―― →法(JIS-04301)
C3-2A50 M029286 ――
C3-2C53 M010102 ――
C3-2C67 M012027 ――
C3-2D66 M018952 ――
C3-2E2E M032825 ――
C3-2E5F M029391 ――
C3-2F7C M003677 ――
C3-314E M014355 ――
C3-345D M003752 ――
C3-3542 M007196 ――
C3-3658 M014893 ――
C3-3722 M017652 ――
C3-374B M022169 ―― →M022437(瘩)
C3-392B M013507 ――
C3-3A2D M003929 ――
C3-3D4B M022189 ――
C3-3E66 M033034 ――
C3-3F74 M041756 ―― →陵(JIS-04645)
C3-402C M044069 ――
C3-404F M004060 ――
C3-406F M006622 ――
C3-4131 M012341 ――
C3-4139 M012557 ――
C3-413B M012465 ――
C3-4167 M067349 ―― ←M015363(槩)
C3-424A M019206 ――
C3-4255 M019215 ――
C3-446C M037539 ――
C3-4541 M041807 ―― →陷(JIS-07992)
C3-4541 M066799 ―― →陷(JIS-07992)
C3-464B M083523 ―― [女|連]
C3-465B M008433 ――
C3-467D M012631 ――
C3-482A M022341 ――
C3-4928 M029776 ――
C3-4940 M079634 ――
C3-4946 M033159 ――
C3-4A69 M067059 ―― →M044589(馱)
C3-4B42 M004263 ――
C3-4C6E M018227 ――
C3-4F2A M037606 ――
C3-5071 M050206 ――
C3-5125 M014398 ――
C3-5161 M019437 ―― →M019581(爗)
C3-517D M024423 ――
C3-517D M024423 ――
C3-523F M065520 ―― →M027805(縧)
C3-545A M008562 ――
C3-5463 M012872 ――
C3-5473 M014199 ――
C3-5524 M057035 ―― →楫(JIS06023)
C3-5525 M015645 ――
C3-5528 M083664 ――
C3-5635 M033544 ――
C3-5653 M037769 ――
C3-5721 M043248 ―― →齏(JIS-08077)
C3-5749 M046870 ――
C3-5779 M053181 ――
C3-5B2A M033673 ――
C3-5B62 M084008 ―― →齏(JIS-08077)
C3-5B63 M043252 ―― →齏(JIS-08077)
C3-5B72 M045511 ――
C3-5C54 M019580 ――
C3-5D55 M043942 ――
C3-5E4A M026701 ――
C3-5F2F M046409 ――
C3-5F77 M044448 ――
C3-6024 M046427 ――
C3-6028 M047266 ――
C3-6131 M046584 ――
C3-622D M075405 ―― →M022588(癟)
C4-212F M002494 ――
C4-2157 M000177 ――
C4-2224 M000039 ――
C4-2257 M006070 ――
C4-234C M002789 ――
C4-2354 M003359 ――
C4-2355 M003398 ――
C4-2357 M003358 ――
C4-2358 M003388 ――
C4-2659 M011964 ――
C4-2674 M016394 ――
C4-267C M017336 ――
C4-2757 M024930 ――
C4-2766 M029293 ――
C4-282F M039334 ――
C4-283C M000704 ――
C4-292F M009807 ――
C4-2A41 M021762 ――
C4-2B4C M037368 䟓 NEW
C4-2B60 M000826 ――
C4-2C30 M005095 ――
C4-2C44 M007161 ――
C4-2C6C M009339 ――
C4-2D56 M014740 ――
C4-2F40 M029480 ――
C4-302A M037383 ――
C4-3129 M006363 ――
C4-3171 M012234 ――
C4-317C M012180 ――
C4-3236 M013938 ――
C4-325D M017581 ――
C4-3267 M017658 ――
C4-326C M017734 ――
C4-3558 M037066 ――
C4-3635 M000968 ――
C4-3638 M000930 ――
C4-3667 M003895 ――
C4-3670 M005250 ――
C4-3725 M007246 ――
C4-375E M012190 ――
C4-3768 M012377 ――
C4-376C M012418 ――
C4-386B M019733 ――
C4-3A23 M027418 ――
C4-3A3C M029594 ―― →胖(JIS-07086)
C4-3B23 M034830 ――
C4-3B39 M035375 ――
C4-3C44 M004039 ――
C4-3C4F M004092 ――
C4-3C5E M005963 ――
C4-3C63 M006617 ――
C4-3D3E M010948 ――
C4-3D46 M012469 ――
C4-3D49 M012462 ――
C4-3D67 M014070 ――
C4-3E5D M021522 ――
C4-3E64 M021523 ――
C4-3E64 M021523 ――
C4-3E6E M022278 ――
C4-3F28 M023441 ――
C4-3F30 M023414 ――
C4-3F3E M024269 ――
C4-423F M002181 ――
C4-4241 M002192 ――
C4-4264 M006010 ―― →弊(JIS-04232)
C4-4268 M006657 ――
C4-4269 M006694 ――
C4-4360 M012669 ――
C4-4363 M012614 ―― [手|麻]
C4-4473 M021543 ――
C4-4569 M026125 ――
C4-463A M029786 ――
C4-4649 M029783 ――
C4-4668 M031668 ――
C4-4673 M033164 ――
C4-4830 M042263 ――
C4-487E M001162 ――
C4-492B M004304 ――
C4-497D M012722 ――
C4-4B55 M024377 ――
C4-4B75 M026200 ――
C4-4C50 M029097 ――
C4-4C71 M031759 ――
C4-4E22 M037605 ――
C4-4F40 M046717 ――
C4-4F66 M004375 ――
C4-4F6A M004395 ――
C4-4F6B M004356 ――
C4-4F70 M004379 ――
C4-4F73 M004373 ――
C4-5032 M074712 ―― →彜(JIS-05520)
C4-5042 M012825 ――
C4-5053 M014166 ――
C4-5126 M019434 ――
C4-5131 M020732 ――
C4-517B M025237 ――
C4-5234 M026315 ――
C4-5240 M026389 ―― →M026416(篾)
C4-524F M028353 ――
C4-5268 M029871 ――
C4-5572 M004450 ――
C4-5637 M012877 ――
C4-5664 M019545 ――
C4-5736 M023682 ――
C4-576A M027099 ――
C4-577C M028970 ――
C4-5877 M036294 ――
C4-5A26 M044198 ――
C4-5A72 M004530 ――
C4-5C40 M026547 ――
C4-5F23 M046165 ――
C4-5F73 M015803 ――
C4-6024 M020201 ――
C4-6034 M022581 ―― →M022631(癮)
C4-607D M032306 ――
C4-6254 M046232 ――
C4-6264 M046261 ――
C4-6329 M048596 ――
C4-6354 M015871 ―― [木|&M026313;]
C4-6357 M018720 ――
C4-6424 M028000 ――
C4-645C M037921 ――
C4-654C M045534 ――
C4-6635 M004606 ――
C4-6640 M013007 ――
C4-6649 M018737 ――
C4-666A M026703 ――
C4-674F M037944 ――
C4-692C M028602 ―― [羊|歴]
C4-697A M045924 ―― →M045890(――)
C4-6A5B M024605 ――
C4-6B50 M047921 ――
C4-6B50 M057473 ―― →M047921(--)
C4-6B7B M028413 ――
C4-6D54 M007402 ――
C4-6D7B M032653 ――
C4-6E2C M046598 ――
C4-6E3F M045084 ――
C4-6E49 M045631 ――
C5-212D M002840 ――
C5-2141 M003117 ――
C5-2170 M016256 ――
C5-2368 M019911 ――
C5-2370 M007915 ――
C5-2539 M002341 ――
C5-253C M002345 ――
C5-2827 M001481 ――
C5-2847 M003499 ――
C5-284C M003595 ――
C5-295F M016025 ――
C5-296B M016421 ――
C5-2B6F M000803 ―― →儼(JIS-04923)
C5-2C59 M003719 ――
C5-2D6A M012121 ――
C5-2F22 M023239 ――
C5-2F51 M025890 ――
C5-3043 M035246 ――
C5-3052 M038039 ――
C5-3123 M000913 ――
C5-314C M003787 ――
C5-3368 M022149 ――
C5-352B M030987 ――
C5-353E M032980 ――
C5-3546 M034183 ――
C5-356F M037064 ――
C5-3576 M037423 ――
C5-3651 M000990 ――
C5-3679 M003958 ――
C5-3729 M003943 ――
C5-3734 M005288 ――
C5-3933 M015002 ――
C5-393C M014989 ――
C5-3965 M017895 ――
C5-396F M019133 ――
C5-3A42 M022864 ――
C5-3E22 M003995 ――
C5-3E2D M004042 ――
C5-3E4E M005374 ――
C5-4032 M019223 ――
C5-405B M022291 ――
C5-4158 M026963 ――
C5-4473 M004161 ――
C5-447D M004220 ――
C5-4536 M006691 ――
C5-4623 M012646 ――
C5-475F M023542 ――
C5-4877 M029784 ――
C5-4A2B M037162 ――
C5-4B77 M001192 ――
C5-4C4C M005480 ――
C5-4D67 M015365 ――
C5-4D7B M018303 ――
C5-5022 M005503 ――
C5-5070 M035096 ――
C5-5151 M037652 ――
C5-527D M045407 ――
C5-5322 M045408 ――
C5-536E M004389 ――
C5-537D M006755 ――
C5-5456 M011303 ――
C5-5522 M016576 ――
C5-562F M057215 ―― →M057214(磙)
C5-565D M026316 ――
C5-5A52 M046786 ――
C5-5B21 M004439 ――
C5-5C7D M026423 ――
C5-5D43 M027828 ――
C5-5F4D M040680 ――
C5-602F M044264 ――
C5-612D M048564 ――
C5-613D M004517 ――
C5-6142 M004538 ――
C5-6253 M019904 ――
C5-6321 M025320 ――
C5-6443 M033598 ――
C5-6456 M034580 ――
C5-647A M037272 ――
C5-663C M044317 ――
C5-665A M045493 ――
C5-667B M046936 ――
C5-675C M004572 ――
C5-6835 M018664 ――
C5-6975 M037899 ――
C5-6C31 M012997 ――
C5-6D46 M032400 ――
C5-6E23 M038546 ――
C5-6E3A M041480 ――
C5-726C M047836 ――
C5-734D M015927 ――
C5-754F M047970 ――
C5-763D M030054 ――
C5-794B M034743 ――
C5-7A65 M006927 ――
C5-7A69 M018840 ――
C5-7C41 M047522 ――
C6-232A M011786 ――
C6-232A M011786 ――
C6-244F M007648 ――
C6-2464 M009228 ――
C6-2636 M002678 ―― →M077789(--)
C6-2636 M077789 ――
C6-2663 M004952 ――
C6-2925 M030683 ――
C6-2A7E M008753 ―― →M008758(巹)
C6-2B5A M011718 ――
C6-324C M018950 ――
C6-3256 M019825 ――
C6-3830 M050212 ―― →M013556
C6-3853 M014700 ――
C6-3940 M019834 ――
C6-3941 M067065 ――
C6-396A M022111 ――
C6-3B3B M075074 ――
C6-3D2B M000834 ――
C6-3E25 M004791 ――
C6-3E54 M006366 ―― →M006199(姘)
C6-4034 M012252 ―― [手|&M009918;]
C6-4048 M013556 ――
C6-4439 M031120 ――
C6-4467 M035016 ――
C6-4739 M003956 ――
C6-4839 M008970 ――
C6-4933 M012414 ――
C6-4B2B M019850 ――
C6-4B2E M019852 ―― →M019883(牕)
C6-4B61 M022194 ――
C6-5160 M005986 ―― →奪(JIS-03505)
C6-5435 M017881 ――
C6-5439 M018061 ―― →漾(JIS-06310)
C7-233F M049135 ――
C7-244E M018264 ――
C7-2555 M022403 ――
C7-2949 M037622 ――
C7-2C5F M004390 ――
C7-2E27 M011673 ――
C7-2E3A M012804 ――
C7-2E48 M013379 ――
C7-302E M022010 ――
C7-3375 M037232 ――
C7-3737 M004449 ――
C7-3A6A M030519 ――
C7-3F66 M012938 ――
C7-3F66 M012938 ――
C7-4639 M004554 ――
C7-515A M044404 ――
C7-522B M045890 ――
C7-534F M016607 ――
C7-562E M043319 ――
C7-575A M004630 ――
C7-594C M037964 ―― →M038022(躦)
C7-5E6A M013047 ――
C7-5F41 M032626 ―― →齏(JIS-08077)
C7-613C M049674 ―― →齏(JIS-08077)
C7-6253 M032638 ―― →M032591(虀)
C7-6433 M047468 ――
C7-655C M049242 ――
C7-6626 M013060 ――

not found in Mojikyo





<匯 M002644 匯


C3-482B M022315 瘇
C4-5379 M036856 䞁
C6-3E6B M007732 㞘
C4-4640 M029769 䐣
C0-C9FC M017115 汊
C4-4E2B M038397 輨
C0-D477 M003754 唪
C0-F440 M004591 嚵
C4-216C M003236 叧
C3-4879 M028316 罱
[口|麽] M059272 嚒
C0-AAC4 M024927 秈
C0-E3BC M031610 蒱
C0-C1F3 M041420 闆
C0-DE6D M019189 煒
C0-BE4E M040439 鋅
C0-C2EC M040759 鎳
C0-F464 M018714 瀺
C0-BCC3 M012771 撳
C5-2762 M030713 ――
C4-2D44 M030285 敌 →敵(JIS03708)
C4-2F4D M013185 敌 →敵
C0-E6A3 M021206 璉
C3-4D56 M025213 稺
C3-5E46 M025361 䆈
C4-5D35 M033614 ――
C5-324A M009800 ――
C0-F5AE M047094 鶖
C0-F743 M028190 罏
C0-D4CB M005232 堍
[卯|鳥] M066057 ――
C4-2F70 M035143 ――
C5-5964 M043508 ――
C0-E66E M019335 熡
C0-DEA4 M019868 牏
C4-2D7B M019837 ――
C0-D7B6 M034220 袪
C0-E8D6 M045411 髲
C0-B674 M040254 鈣
C0-DCD1 M004033 嗀
C0-E541 M004284 噀
C3-4149 M053169 搇
C0-A5E4 M000182 乩
C0-C042 M040560 錡
C0-BC63 M006734 嬈